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1.1 Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults.

By JacquelineD1 Apr 03, 2013 571 Words
Effective communication is vitally important in the development of positive relationships with children, young people and adults. I make sure that when I am communicating with young people and adults that clear boundaries, expectations and key issues are properly communicated to lay the foundations of our relationship. It is clear both within the school I work in and as a parent that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performance and behaviour is at school. Whether, it’s just being aware of their progress and understanding their achievements and weaknesses, or parents taking a more active role and becoming involved with the school itself when they are able to. This is also the case where pupils have the opportunity to shape their own learning. An example of this need to provide clear, appropriate communication is the pressure from parents for their child to either start a reading book or move up a level. I have been approached regarding this by parents and carers who are distressed that their child is not ‘reading’ when they can identify basic words eg cat, dog. When this has happened I have clearly communicated to the parent/carer that I will talk to the class teacher about their concerns and feed back to them when they are next at school (which is usually at pick up). I then wait until all the children are in and all parents are gone before talking to the teacher. One of us will reassess the child’s reading abilities that day and the teacher will make a decision based upon the result. Often a child is unable to correctly say the sound of an individual letter/digraph/trigraph which is what is holding them back. This is then verbally communicated back to the parent/carer by either me or the teacher and support and advice given on how to develop these weak areas are passed on to the adult involved. It is also equally important that all adults, young people and children feel that they are able to communicate back and are not just expected to listen but are able to contribute ideas and ask for advice. An example of this is when the children first come in to the class. Many of the children have news to tell you. I get down to their level and have eye contact and listen to what they have to say. I always show interest in what they are saying as it boosts their confidence and shows that I am listening and that I care. In order to establish and maintain a positive relationship I provide regular and reliable communication and sharing of information both between the school and pupils families, and within the class. I do this by feeding back to the childs adult at pick up time a positive example of what their child has done that day. It could be something as simple as helping a friend with a zip or painting a picture, or more constructive like meeting a target their child has been set. The school has an open door policy so parents and carers are always popping in and I know a lot of them. I am always respectful and friendly and often hold conversations with them about their child. We also have to make phone calls home if a child is poorly so I am polite and friendly and always sympathetic.

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