experimental research
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Experimental research
Experimental research is commonly used in sciences such as sociology and psychology, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine etc.
Experimental research tests a hypothesis and establishes causation by using independent and dependent variables in a controlled environment.
Experiments are generally the most precise studies and have the most conclusive power. They are particularly effective in supporting hypotheses about cause and effect relationships. However, since the conditions are artificial, they may not apply to everyday situations.
A well designed experiment has features that control random variables to make sure that the effect measured is caused by the independent variable being manipulated. These features include random assignment, use of a control group, and use of a single or double-blind design.
An experimenter decides how to manipulate the independent variable, but only measures the dependent variable. In a good experiment, only the independent variable will affect the dependent variable.
random assignment
Random assignment of subjects to experimental and control conditions is a process used to evenly distribute the individual qualities of the participants across the conditions. dependent variable
The aspect or subject of an experiment that is influenced by the manipulated aspect; an outcome measured to see the effectiveness of the treatment independent variable
The variable that is changed or manipulated in a series of experiments
A number of years ago some psychologists hypothesized that fear will cause a person to want to affiliate with other people. In one experiment, subjects were randomly divided into two groups. The experimental group (high fear group) was told that during the experiment they would be getting extremely painful electric shocks. The control group (low fear group) was told that the shock they would receive would be like a soft touch. Both groups were asked if they

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