RES 351 individual wk 3

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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 1

In the following examples, determine whether the term independent variable or dependent variable is appropriate.

Michael is interested in learning the effects of using celebrity endorsement on sales. What type of variable is a celebrity endorsement? Independent variable

In an experiment, this variable is expected to be affected by the manipulation. Independent variable

Criterion variable is synonymous with this term. Dependent variable

Several of these variables are somewhat correlated and are therefore are not independent among themselves. Independent variable

A predictor variable is synonymous with this term. Dependent variable

Fill in the blanks with the term independent variable, dependent variable, or moderating variable.

Incentives _Dependent variables__ are expected to increase productivity _moderating variable__ especially among newer employees _Independent variable__.

The _Dependent variable__ should not precede the _Independent variable__ in a research study.

In an experiment, participants experience a manipulation of the _Independent variable__, called the experimental treatment.
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