Experience Economy

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Lecture 1.


- when the person buys experience, he pays to spend time enjoying a series of memorable events that a company stages -> as in theatrical

- businesses must orchestrate play memorable events for their customers


- EE is applied- new experience concept, experience included ins services and products, experience venues, additional offerings supporting memory of the experience

- The anatomy of an Experience

1. The First part/ BEFORE : The expectation

2. The Second part/ DURING: Breakaway from the everyday life

3. The Third part/ AFTER : The memorable experience

- EXPERIENCE HYBRID – combination of 2 different sectors/products; creating a unique experience to the customer ( for example café with a travel store and a book store)

Lecture 2

The 4 Realms of Experience


• Something that entertain the customer, and something that is relaxing and enjoyable without being to thorough.

• An active professional communication to a passive receiver/customer

• is a passive aspect of an experience

• when the customers are entertained, they are not really doing except to responding to the experience ( enjoying, laughing, etc.)

• customers passively absorbed through the senses

• EXAMPLE: cinema, concert, sport event

• What entertainment would help your guests to enjoy the experience better? How can you make the time more fun and more enjoyable?


• Learning takes place during everyones life and in all situations.

• It can be the learning based on experiences, called ”learning by doing” and it can also be the learning that takes place in an interaction between the person and its surroundings

• is essentially active aspect

• the guests absorb the events unfolding before them

• the educational events must actively engage the mind

• What do you want your guests to learn from experience? What interaction or activities will help engage them in the exploration of certain knowledge and skills?


• Is the sensuous realisation.

• Is subjective and determined by culture and is often about art, nature, music and food.

• passive aspect of an experience

• to create an atmosphere where the guests will feel free ” to be “

• the guests immerse themselves in an event or environment; when the event has only little or no effect on it, they leave the environment untouched

• What can be done to enhance the esthetic value of the experience? What would make your guests want to come in, sit down, and just hang out? How you can do to make the environment more inviting and comfortable


• Is the escape from the reality

• It can be an intentional or unconsious escape from the reality

• In both cases there is a huge degree of empathy

• is an active aspect

• the guest of this experience is completely immersed in it

• the guest becomes an actor able to affect the actual performance

• EXAMPLE : cyberspace is a great place for escapism

• What you should encourage guests to do if they are to become active participants in the experience

-experiences can be built around one or more of elements.

-where the strongest experiences consist of more than one of these elements. The more elements included in a experience, the stronger and more memorable the experience gets.


- is a place where we alive our experience-> the stage, the staff, other customers and waiting time – these factors are affected whole experience for the customers

➢ THE STAGE – Where, How long, visual picture, differentiation, attracts customers, affect feelings and behavior

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