Experiential Retailing

Topics: Retailing, Business, Sales Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Experiential retailing is an interdisciplinary and innovative concept that crosses the fields of merchandising and hospitality management. Merchandising and hospitality industries, two of the largest industries worldwide, are merging as a single-source business offering total consumption experiences, as illustrated by many restaurants and soft-goods retailers who capitalize on each other for incremental profit. Experiential retailing is viewed from five key concepts: experiential consumption, symbolic consumption, entertainment retailing, themed retailing, and cross-shopping. Implications are suggested to retailers for successful domestic and international businesses and to academic professionals for nontraditional curriculum development. While retail expansion has slowed significantly this year, many of the newer concepts are offering fresh takes on the experiential retailing trend. At experiential retailers, the way consumers interact with the store environment is often more important than the merchandise. The experiential = differentiation/competitive advantage.

Its online presence has also been very helpful. To be certain that the entire consumer experience at Best Buy outweighs more rational, discreet decision-making, consider this consumer comment: "The prices [at Best Buy] aren't always the best, but at least I'll know they have what I want."r than merely delivering function.

At their flagship store, Bean is developing a family-friendly outdoor adventure attraction with lodging amenities. Visitors will soon be able to hike, bike, golf, cross-country ski, or go kayaking, seal watching or fishing in nearby Cisco Bay. Then they could eat and stay the night on the property American Girl Place stores

It include a café with special booster seats for the chain's 18-inch dolls, an on-site theater featuring young actresses as characters from the company's books, and a salon where girls get their dolls' hairdos made over. House of...
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