Exams Should Be Banned

Topics: Mind, Thought, Writing Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: August 16, 2010
Self Assessment and unit evaluation – Y7 ICT Term 1

Habit of Mind Focus: Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision

How does your terms work on producing a newspaper article demonstrate your use of the habit of mind above?

I have communicated with my team mates by e-mailing and we talked about what topic we are doing and whose going to do what. I have thought deeply what topic I’m going to do about and I choused “Volcanic eruption in Iceland”. I described words nicely and neatly. When I was done, I attach my word document into my e-mail and send it to our group leader. My work clearly reports on the issue with good use of language skills. That is what I think I did on my news paper using the habit of minds.

Please place yourself on the rubric below (underline the comments that best describes you) | |rookie |amateur |professional |expert | |Communication |I talked to my group about the |I used e mail to send my work |I used email and sent attachments|All of professional and what | | |work and wrote my article using |between home and school. I was |to other members of my group. We |else? | | |paragraphs |able to plan ideas with my group |planned our ideas carefully and | | | | |and we shared ideas effectively |followed instructions effectively| | |Thinking |My article was linked a story |I looked at a range of sources to|I used quotes and evidence in my |All of professional and what | | |that I made up. The article was a|help me with my article but used |article. I included a range of |else? | |...
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