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Eng221 Memo Evaluation

By ogun7562 Apr 14, 2013 430 Words
Workplace Communication Comparison

Complete the following matrix. For each communication method, list its purpose in the workplace, whether it is a technical or expository form of written communication, and why you classified it as such.

Written communication methodPurpose in the workplaceTechnical or expository writingWhy the classification was chosen E-mailInformation SharingExpositoryChosen because we transmit a message with the expectation of a reply MemoBulletinExpositoryChosen because it can be update employees on a specific subject. The subject is purely for informative reasons and no action is needed by the employees. LetterFormal communicationExpositoryChosen because it is used to inform employees on a particular subject. No further action is needed by the recipient once received. ManualTrainingTechnicalChosen because a manual is meant to be instructive. WebsiteInformation

Sharing/ Public relationsTechnical/ExpositoryChosen because websites are meant to inform external and internal users. Video TeleconferenceVisual CommunicationsExpositoryChosen because it is an interactive means of communicating information to all parties

Answer the following questions:

What is the most common form of written communication in your workplace or in a workplace with which you are familiar? Is expository writing or technical writing the most common form of written communication in this workplace? Who is responsible for most of the technical writing in this workplace? The most common form of written communication in my workplace is by email. This is mainly an expository means of sharing information with internal and external users. The majority of the technical writing in my department is done by the mid-level managers.

What are some common issues you have seen with written communication in the workplace? Some of the common issues seen in written communication at my workplace include: Clarity, improper grammar, and unclear objective.

How can an organization benefit from well-written communication? Well written communication can improve productivity. For example, a clear and concise technical manual can capture the audience; therefore, improving training and knowledge base of a particular subject.

How do written communication skills differ from verbal communication skills? What are the challenges a skilled verbal communicator might encounter when performing technical writing? Written communications is not as interactive as verbal communication. A language barrier might exist in verbal communication; whereas, written can be easily deciphered as long as time permits. Also, verbal communication can be more expressive due to body language, volume or tone of the message. A skilled verbal communicator might have a difficult time conveying tone and emphasis on a particular subject when it comes to technical document.

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