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Research Proposal Assignment 

Title: Research Methodology

Code: POPP 5006

Module Leader: Dr H. Oztel;

Name: Anonymous

Student Number: Pxxxxxxx

Word Count: 1200 ( Excluding References )

Date: 17 April 20xx
Programme: MSc IBM

Table of Content

Title 3
Keywords 3
Aims of Research3
Research Questions4
Research Design and Data collection5
Methodology Rationale6
Resources and Planning7

Title: Team Management Practice in the Public Service Sector: A Case Study of Location Borough Council Key words: Teams, Public Service Sector, Research and Case Study. Aims of Research:
The research aims to:
To improve team management skills in the public sector
To investigate the current practice of team management in public sector Describe better approaches and strategies
To explain the importance of an effective team
Use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to collect data Background:
In today’s business world employees work together as a team and are dependent on each other. Organisations now appreciate the concept of teams and are able to comprehend that people are the most valuable resources (Blake et al, 1987). A team consists of individuals that work together to achieve a common objective with each individual making an impact in the team (Belbin, 2000). Several authors have written on the literature of effective teams and how to managed people. This has helped to improve the awareness and need for efficient teams in organisations. The aim of analyzing the role of team work in an organisation is to determine how effective the team is and to provide constructive feedback (Maylor, 2010). The Public Sector in United Kingdom is currently experiences budget cuts. According to the Office for National Statistics (2012) the Public Sector net borrowing was £15.4 billion in December 2012 with an increase of £0.6 million from the previous year. The Public Service expenditure now equates to about half of the economy with a gross domestic product of 53.4 percent (Peev, 2010). Public sector employees will bear part of the consequences of this cut with a sustained 1% pay cap as government strives to reduce expenditures (Dudman, 2013). It has become imperative that managers in this sector are able to manage their teams effectively and build good team spirit amid fears of job insecurity and pay cuts. This research will aim to give an insight into some of the issues that may hinder good team building and therefore suggest better ways of dealing with them with the purpose of helping other organisations implement such tactics.

Research Questions
This research will try to examine the following key research questions: What level of team synergy exists between team members that work within a team? What are the motivational factors that contribute to building an effective team? Do teams have set performance targets?

Research Design and Data Collection
For the purpose of this research I will be conducting a case study on a local council. I will make use of qualitative and quantitative methods to collect my data which will comprise of questionnaires, interviews and observations. Questionnaires will be designed using closed ended questions which will include likert scale and categorical questions. Likert scale questions will analyse the degree of acceptance on statements while the categorical question will group participants into various groups. Interviews will be conducted using the semi structured interview technique. This will enable me get useful information about my research and get open ended answers from my participants (Denscombe, 2010). Observations will be carried out using...

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