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There are certain jobs that require individual focus and attention, but a vast majority of projects require teamwork to be done . Nowadays being able to work productively with a team is one of the most essential aspects of achieving success in a business setting. It’s important for increasing creativity in the workplace and improving the quality of work. Also, employees that have the ability to work together are usually better able to serve their company needs, so teamwork is very important for all kind of organizations and it is used in all aspects of life . This essay will explain what is the meaning of a teamwork , the differences between teamwork and group work , characteristics of effective team and benefits of teamwork .Also , we will displayed the key roles of the team and teamwork skills. Finally we will see how organizations care about the teamwork in real life . As a beginning , we should know the definition of teamwork and the differences between teamwork and group work . First, teamwork is a group of people work together as a team by using their individual skills in order to achieve a common goal , despite any personal conflict between individuals , that means the team work should be collaboratively . Secondly ,we will explain the differences between group work and teamwork . First of all , teamwork focus on team goals while group work focus on individual goals . Second, teamwork members frequently come together for discussion and decision making . On the other hand, the individuals of group come together to share information , ideas and perspectives. Third , in group work the purpose , goals and approach to work shaped by manager but in teamwork the purpose and goals shaped by team leader with team members . In addition , the teamwork concern with outcomes of everyone and challenges the team faces . However, every member in group work focus on his own outcomes and challenges . The last point in differences is group work produce individual work products whereas teamwork produce collective work products . How build an effective team is the aim of the new studies , they found some characteristics of productive and effective teams . Firstly , the team must has a clear goal . Secondly , each member of the team should be understand the job that he or she is expected to do and it is called clear role . In addition, an effective team should has shared leadership which mean the responsibilities of leadership rotate periodically among the members of the team . Also , it should have a diverse responsibilities. Another point of effective team that is open communication , that means the team members tell each other how they feel about the team’s project and the team’s operation. Finally, the team must be develop a working relationship with the supervisor and with other teams, so the last characteristics of an effective team is external relations. When the organization use an effective team, it will produce better result. That means teamwork has some benefits for the organization. We will explain some of them . First of all, when a team works on problem-solving, the benefit is a diversity ideas and perspectives . Secondly , duties can be shared and get done quicker . Also , teamwork encourages a greater commitment to quality. Furthermore , when employees work on teams, they tend to feel like they're really part of the process , so the moral of them will improve as a result . The last point in benefits is called synergy and its occurs when forces combine and the result is greater than the sum of the individual parts . There is an accurate system which explains individual behavior and its influence on team...
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