Issues in Health Communication in India: a Stakeholders Perspective

Topics: Communication, Health care, Public health Pages: 33 (11103 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Working Paper: MICORE/SDC/002

Issues in Health Communication in India: A Stakeholders Perspective

Dr. Satyajeet Nanda1 Ms. Aparimita Pramanik2 Ms. Aarzoo Daswani3

August 2008

Dept. of Social and Development Communication MICORE (Mudra Inst. of Communications Research) 3rd Floor, Rangkrupa Complex, Near Parimal Garden Ahmedabad-6, India; Email:

1 2

Associate Professor and Head of Dept. Research Associate 3 Research Assistant


The authors are thankful to all the participants of the Consultation Workshop (round table) on ‘Issues in Health Communication in India: Stakeholders Perspective’ Ahmedabad; 6th June 2008, for their honest and valuable inputs during the deliberations and post-workshop suggestions that has enriched the design of this report. They are Dr. Arbind, Dr. Rupa, Ms. Bhakti, Mr. Ramolaben, Mr. Jignesh, Dr. Rakesh, Dr. Manjul, Dr. Prashant, Dr. Renuka, Mr. Laxman, Ms. Radha, Dr. Shivang, Dr. Parek, Dr. Shilpa, Dr. Rajika, Dr. Thomas, Dr.Lalitha, Dr. Jagruti, Dr. Shishoo, Mr. Joshi, Dr. Rajesh, Mr. Arun, Ms. Rutool and Mr. Sengupta. We are also thankful to Dr. Ang Peng Hwa and Mr. Alan D’souza for their valuable suggestions on the report. Thanks are due to all Research Associates and support staff of MICORE for their help in convening the workshop and processing works related to preparation of this report.


List of content I: INTRODUCTION II: OBJECTIVES III: METHODOLOGY 3.1 Research Design 3.2. Analysis Plan 3.3. Limitations 3.4. Organization of the report IV:

Page No 4-8 8 9-10

DISCUSSION 10-21 4.1. Conceptual Framework of ‘Issues in Health Communication in India- A Stakeholders Perspective’ 4.2. Profile of the Stakeholders 4.3. Understanding Issues in Health Communication and Critical Review 4.3.1. Retrospect & Prospects of Health Communication 4.3.2. Health Communication for Social & Behavioral Change 4.3.3. Community Needs Assessment and Dissemination of Research output 4.3.4. Tools & Process of Health Communication in Service Delivery 4.3.5. Communication in Health Curriculum 4.3.6. Communication in Alternative Medicine System 4.3.7. Communication on Health Financing 4.3.8. Pharmaceutical communication 4.3.9. Communication on Occupational health 4.3.10. Communication on Environmental Health & Sanitation 4.4. Stakeholders’ views on components of Health Communication 21-30 4.4.1. Importance of health communication 4.4.2. Target, tools, components and communicators 4.4.3. Design of communication program 4.4.4. Public health system communication (External and internal) 4.4.5. Hospital communication (Internal and external) 4.4.6. Use of health communication 4.4.7. Barriers in health communication 4.4.8. Communication in health curriculum 4.4.9. Pharmaceutical communication 4.4.10. Issues beyond health 4.4.11. Contents of all Stakeholders 4.4.12. Priority Research Areas 4.5. Emerging issues in Health Communication in India 30-32 CONCLUSION 33


REFERENCES APPENDIX-1: Conceptual Framework APPENDIX-2: Workshop Schedule Plan


Issues in Health Communication in India: A Stakeholders Perspective “Within the health communication field, communication is conceptualized as the central social process in the provision of health care delivery and the promotion of public health. The centrality of the process of communication is based upon the pervasive roles communication performs in creating, gathering, and sharing "health information." Health information is the most important resource in health care and health promotion because it is essential in guiding strategic health behaviors, treatments, and decisions.” (Gary L. Kreps, 1988)

I. INTRODUCTION ‘Communication’ is the process of transferring information from sender to receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood by both sender and receiver. In this process all the components such as information, sender, coding, medium, decoding, receiver and...

References: Zola, I.K. (1966). Culture and symptoms: An analysis of patients presenting complaints. American Sociological Review, 3, 615-630.
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