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1.0 Executive Summary 1
2.0 Introduction 3
3.0 Situation Analysis 5
3.1 Environmental Analysis 5
3.2 Competitive Analysis 6
3.3 SWOT Analysis 6
4.0 Marketing Strategy 7
4.1 Mission 7
4.2 Marketing Objectives 8
4.3 Financial Objectives 8
4.4 Segmentation and Targeting 8
4.5 Positioning 10
4.6 Strategic Options & Strategic Choice 10
4.7 Marketing Mix Decision 11
5.0 Implementation 12
5.1 Timeline 12
5.2 Financial Costing 12
6.0 Controls 13
7.0 Conslusion 13
References 14
Appendix 15

1.0 Executive Summary

Swatch was one brand of Swatch Group Ltd. and the most successful wristwatch in the world. From 1983, it’s already 24 years of existence, and the fact that the company is still here, the Swatch watches are still in the collection items of the collectors and still in the wrist of other users, then Swatch will continue to grow and expand (Thinking made easy,2008). There are two primary reason for the success of Swatch: one is the effective marketing strategy which the company uses by satisfying its target market well; the other is high quality and various design. Due to its high quality, Swatch watch is no longer just a simple everyday watch but one of the hot collectible items in the world. Additionally, they also have series of watches for every season, every special occasion and every event in the world (Thinking made easy,2008).

However, more recently the whole watches market has been driven by a number of forces, which provide both opportunities and challenges with most of watchmakers. Swatch is no exception. Intensive competition between different brands is increasing in order to survive in this changeable market. The needs and wants of individual customers vary greatly and continually, which also means the customer is still seeing something new that will urge them to continue to support the products (Thinking made easy,2008). Therefore, Swatch must continue their performance and work and continue to research about its marketing environment, adjusting its marketing strategy timely to target customers.

The aim of this report is to recommend a new marketing strategy to Swatch company, which can help this company win the competition, increase the sales profit and maintain brand loyalty.

According to PEST analysis, Five forces analysis and SWOT analysis, the environment where Swatch company exists could be seen clearly. Lately e-commerce is used widely and becoming more popular. Due to the credit crunch, customers switch their purchase from Luxury items to low-price items. However, persistent economic recession in the UK has an adverse impact on Swatch. Intensive competition with other companies still put heavy pressure on it. Fortunately, Swatch has already been a strong brand image in the customers’ mind and has a wider presence in the fashion market. The high-quality and unique products are also becoming its strengths.

Women are the major buyer in the UK market and they purchase more for themselves than men. In terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning, the target market of Swatch is working women among the 24 to 35 age group, who are able and willing to spend more on themselves. With the tendency of high porportion of single women, and high late marriage rate, this age group will extend to benefit the company a lot. Swatch also position itself in a high-quality but low-price place to attract more customers.

Combining with all of above analyses, this report recommend Swatch to adopt market- penetration strategy, which requires the company to sell current produt to its current market. Customerized product sold with high price right aims at its target customers and satisfies their tastes.

Under the help of moderate implementation and control, it is evident that market - penetration strategy fit for Swatch and would bring maximized profit to it.

2.0 Introduction

According to Kidd (2007, p.1-21), the watches market has shown a consistent growth profile, with...

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| |Treasury,2008). |
| | |
| |the essentials they may be more cautious. They may also spend less on luxury items, something that |
| |has a greater profit margin for Swatch (Annual Report ,2007)
| |micromechanics (oppapers,2008). |
Appendix B
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