Evolution of quality

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The purpose of this assignment is to analysis quality products of Nike Company, which produces athletic footwear and apparel worldwide. Nike products have high quality value because Nike is the best company in the world which produces athletic footwear apparel worldwide. As well, Nike has customer service which assist their consumers to purchase their products online, also they can help a firm to improve their quality products due to clients can give their opinion about the products and how the company is able to develop. Hence, the main purpose of Nike is to achieve customer needs in terms of development new product innovation, Consumer connection and affinity for brands and products. Furthermore, there are many competitors of Nike in the wide world, such as Adidas, Reebok, Woodland and Bata, however, the main competitor is Adidas and the main compete product is athletic footwear. Thus, this assignment would focus in one product of Nike which is athletic footwear.
1.0: Explanation of Quality

There are different meaning of the quality, however in this assignment would explain the quality in terms of business. Quality means to economically produce goods or services which satisfy customers' requirements. As well, quality of a product or service is fitness of that products or service for meeting or exceeding its intended use as required by the customer (Amitava 1998). Quality as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. As a result quality an important element for customer to purchase or usage service or product of the firm. Therefore, some people view quality as meeting the customer needs or satisfying the customer. Furthermore, most consumers have difficulties in defining quality, but they can know when they see the product or usage service.
2.0: Evolution of Quality

The quality movement back to medieval Europe, where craftsmen began organizing into unions in the late 13th century. Until the early 19th century, manufacturing in the industrialised world tended to follow this craftsmanship model with its emphasis on product inspection, it was started in Great Britain in the mid-1750s and grew into the Industrial revolution in the early 18th century, that lead to need for more quality products with mass produced and needed to be interchangeable. Products rise to inspection after manufacturing completed and separate quality departments. Therefore, manufacturing was the major factor of economic development which paid companies to be full attention on the productivity and manufacturing costs. However, in the early 20th century, manufacturers firms began to include quality processes in quality practices.

In addition, in World War II, quality became a critical component of the war effort, for example, United States had working consistently in rifles made in another. The armed forces initially inspected every unit of product, then to simplify and speed up this process without compromising safety, the military began to use sampling techniques for inspection, aided by the publication of military-specification standards and training courses in statistical process control techniques. Therefore, the birth of total quality in the United States came as a direct response to the quality revolution in Japan following World War II. The Japanese welcomed the input of Americans Joseph M. Juran and W. Edwards Deming and rather than concentrating on inspection, focused on improving all organizational processes. in the 1970s, in United States, industrial sectors such as electronics and automobiles had been broadsided by Japan’s high quality...
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