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Evergreen case

1. Is a CRM important for Evergreen? Why?

Definitely, the company’s customer relationship management software is very important for the Evergreen. In mid-2004 the Evergreen Investments was one of America’s 25 largest mutual fund companies providing institutional investors and investment professionals with a broad range of mutual funds and other asset management products who in turn advised and provided the same to individual customers. The company had over $247 billion in assets under management across approximately 100 funds at that time.

The reason why a CRM is important for the Evergreen is a sufficient overview within the sales and marketing because of the competitive nature of the mutual fund industry. The sales agents of the company also known as “wholesalers” were the ones interacting with investment professionals and marketing the Evergreen products. They were up-to-date in terms of industry news and on the other hand they were supported by an internal sales consultant who did not travel. Together they were both responsible for all new client acquisitions and account management for existing ones.

It was important for the company to be able to market a fund efficiently as thousands of similar types of funds existed. The CRM was sufficient tool to get all needed information on the one place from the sales point of view as well as from the performance measurement of the “wholesalers” point of view.

2. Name at least two advantages and two disadvantages of the old CRM system.

The advantages:
- Keeping all essential data regarding sales and marketing of Evergreen. - An Investment professionals’ database in one place.
- An overview of the wholesalers’ performance and their activities.

The disadvantages:
- The entering data to the CRM was time consuming and difficult to use. - Disconnection from the CRM data while the wholesalers were travelling. - The complicated access to the CRM through internet out of their “home...
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