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IBM Business Consulting Services

CRM done right: executive handbook for realizing
the value of CRM

Reference guide
By: Steve LaValle and Brian Scheld
Contributors: Adam Klaber, Ralph Schuler, Rod Bryan, Christian Petross, Therese McNicholas, and Christopher Nickerson



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has changed dramatically throughout its dynamic transformation from a conceptual framework to a core business function. The imperative to understand and profitably manage customers is as important as ever, but the challenges for doing CRM correctly have multiplied. By framing CRM programs strategically against the value they produce and building achievable goals, companies and managers can overcome these challenges and realize the true benefits.

2 CRM’s changing identity
4 CRM’s new challenges
8 The CRM done right
10 CRM value case for change
15 CRM value propositions

Purpose of this guide

19 CRM operational blueprint

This guide is intended for strategic decision-makers who seek to improve their CRM operations, mitigate risk in new CRM programs and secure organizational commitment. This guide provides a top-line view of modern CRM organizational challenges and presents five disciplines that form a CRM done right framework for meeting these challenges and realizing CRM “done right.”

22 Implementation
25 Sponsorship, governance
and change management
28 Conclusion


CRM done right IBM Business Consulting Services

CRM’s changing identity: The redefinition of core operations CRM has always been important

CRM straight talk:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has existed since the dawn of commerce. Since the beginning, companies needed to differentiate themselves from the competition to customers, provide service that matched their promises and encourage customers to return to do repeat business with them. These core business functions or operational practices were at the heart of operating a business, along with producing products and financial management.

CRM isn’t just the domain of
gurus or a software package
anymore. Regardless of
whether these old definitions
brought joy or fear, CRM today
pertains to the real-world,

Ghosts of CRM’s past

critical business function of

In the last decade, the world has seen CRM grow and change out of these core functions. At first, academics and gurus popularized theoretical and inspirational visions of how managing customers strategically would bear fruits of better relationships, more sales and increased loyalty. Then, upon acceptance of the theories, a boom of CRM productization occurred, mostly in terms of technology. The term CRM transformed to represent a prepackaged solution that was applied to an organization and/or a distribution channel. In both cases, the term triggered eager anticipation by the business world. However, that later turned into disappointment when it became apparent that neither theories nor software alone could deliver the value of managing customer relationships.

profitably managing customers.
To succeed in managing
customers, managers must
address CRM as part of their
core operations.

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CRM done right IBM Business Consulting Services

CRM’s future can be found in its origins — as core operations It is important that we shift our mindset away from the evangelism and the products to focus on what CRM is today: the integral, core operational practice of managing customer relationships. This operational practice is embedded in the real world of executing marketing campaigns, answering service calls, closing sales and...

References: in this publication to IBM products
and services do not imply that IBM intends to
make them available in all countries in which
IBM operates.
Badgett, Melody , Steve Ballou, PhD. and Steve LaValle. “Doing CRM right: What it
takes to be successful with CRM – Asia Pacific view, CRM global study."IBM Business
Consulting Services, 2004.
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