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ABSTRACT Telecommunication industry becomes popular from years to years in Cambodia, a small country with more than 14 million people. Currently there are 8 operators of telecom company operating in Cambodia such as Latelz Co. Ltd. Metfone, Mobitel, Hello, Beeline, qb, Mfone, and Excel. In July, Latelz Co., Ltd. which are known as Smart Mobile is under number 2 in the telecom market in terms of subscribers. Latelz Co., Ltd. is selected to be our place for writing Senior Project Report of Analysis of Staffing Policy. This company was established in 2009 with employees currently more than 600 employees. It is a small company but a successful one. The main purpose of our report is to find out the staffing strategy of Latelz Co., Ltd. and compare to our theory to improve the future of HRM of this company. The questionnaires and the checklist for the oral interviews were conducted in order to gather all the information related to the staffing policy. In addition, the observation and the SWOT analysis were also done to find out the weakness and threat for improving the company’s HRM and business. The results of this research show that there are some lacks of staffing policy in this company. The interview is always conducted without Structure Interview Questions. The written test is never applied in this company. Moreover, Customer Service perform their tasks in different norm and standard in all smart shops. Besides weakness of this company, we also can see some strong points which always help this company to growth. High technology is considered as one of the strong point. Currently, Latelz Co., Ltd. is providing internet speed 3.75G which there is less competitors has it. Marketing strategy and product development is greatly conducted in this company which booth the sales volume go up. As an example, in July 2012, Latelz Co., Ltd. has more than 3 million users. In short, we see that this company is staying in the status of growing from days to days because

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