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DIRECT STAFFORD LOAN POLICY FALL/WINTER 2012-13 To minimize student debt, Federal Direct Stafford Loans can only be used to pay for direct educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books and transportation. Loan funds cannot be used to pay credit card bills for personal purchases, child support payments, car payments or other non-educational costs. There are, however, alternative loans available from private lenders to assist with living expenses. If you are awarded a Direct Stafford Loan, you must...

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Student Loan

finish college? Will student loans help student to reach their goals? These are some of the questions that student may ask to their self when they are applying for student loan. Going to colleges is now hair-raising than before. Student loan can affect to the student for the rest of their life. Student loans are now rapidly increasing, more student having difficult time to pay their student load, and it does not guarantee a better career after they graduate. The student loan is tremendously increasing...

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Agricultural Loan

Agricultural loan. Agricultural loans are available for a multitude of farming purposes. Farmers may apply for loans to buy inputs for the cultivation of food grain crops as well as for horticulture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture and sericulture businesses. There are also special loans to finance the purchase of agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters and trucks. Construction of biogas plants and irrigation systems as well as the purchase of agricultural land may also be...

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Car Loans

What is Car Loan? Basic Fact Sheet Is Security Required? | Yes (the Car being purchased) | Is Guarantor Required? | No | What is the Tenure? | 1 to 6 years | What is the Interest Rate? | 10.5% to 15% (Diminishing) | Is Part Payment Allowed? | Yes | Is Pre-Closure Allowed? | Yes | Is Balance Transfer Allowed? | Yes | What is the minimum Salary? | Rs. 10,000 /- Net (pm) | How many days does it take? | 5 to 10 days | What is the loan amount? | Rs. 1,00,000 /- to Rs. 1,00,00,000...

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Loan Impairment

Impairment of Notes Receivables US GAAP requires entities to assess whether financial assets are impaired and recognize the impairment. If a note receivable is impaired, the loss is measured by the creditor as the difference between the investment in the loan (usually the principal plus accrued interest) and the expected future cash flows discounted at the loan’s historical effective interest rate. US GAAP recognizes the uncollectible amount through an allowance account. Unlike IFRS, US GAAP prohibits the...

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Argumentative Essay On Student Loan

Student loan is a loan to help students pay for post-secondary education and the associated fees, tuition, books and supplies and living expenses. Student loan interest rate must be substantially lower and the repayment schedule may be differ if the student is still in school. Student debt is debt that is owned by attending school, withdrawn, or graduated students to a lending institution. Student debt lending is the same as student loan but debts may be owned to the school if the student had dropped...

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Student Loan Debt Analysis

The story of student loan debt isn't too often talked about, students don’t take it too serious like they should. College students that barely have time to work spend four years thinking about the student loan; how it will affect their life after college; how they will manage to pay it later. Seven in a total of 10 seniors that graduated back in 2015 had a student loan debt average of $30,000. It had increased 4% comparing to 2014 graduates. Within the years, student loan debt has grown at twice;...

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Informative Speech On Title Loans

the easiest ways to get cash is through title loans in Fairview. Understanding Title Loans Fairview Complicated is not a word associated with title loans in Fairview. They are basic loans based on collateral. The borrower pledges their vehicle to get the loan, and they give the lender their vehicle title to hold while they pay off the debt. The lender gives the borrower an amount of cash based the value of the customer’s vehicle, and when the loan is paid back, the lender returns the title to...

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Business Plan and Loan Package

TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES, INC. LOAN PACKAGE Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Loan Package ACC561 22 September 2011 Introduction Now that the small business idea has become more that just fine print, it is time to put together a loan package that explains the story of the company. There are important questions to answer, demonstrating the company’s ability to correctly make important financial decisions, and detail how the business will pay off the loan. This paper will include the...

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Analysis of Loan Data

Analysis of Loan data and relationship with various factors Introduction As we all know the history of loans as old as the history of money. Earlier there used to be different mechanism of lending money and recovering it. In simple terms it was the process in which the people who have more money than they required used to give money to people who didn’t had enough. Over the years with the evolution of economics the loan process became extremely important for the people who made business out of...

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