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Understanding the Term Structure of Interest Rates Prepared for Fundamentals of Financial Management Distributed October 24, 2005 TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Figures.......................………………….......................................….....................iii List of Abbreviations and Symbols.............................…………………..........................iv Summary................................................

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Compound Interest

COMPOUND INTEREST Making or Spending Money SIMPLE INTEREST FORMULA  If a principal of P dollars is borrowed for a period of t years at a per annum interest rate r, expressed as a decimal, then interest I charged is I  Pr t  This interest is not used very often. Interest is usually compounded which means interest is charged or given on the interest and the principal.  Simple Interest Example COMPOUND INTEREST Payment Periods:  Annually Once per year  Semiannually Twice per year  Quarterly...

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Interest and S & P500 Nikkei Russell

diversification. (6 marks) Question 2 You expect interest rates to decline over the next six months. a. Given your interest outlook, state what kinds of bonds you want in your portfolio in terms of duration and explain your reasoning for this choice. (5 marks) b. You must make a choice between the following three sets of noncallable bonds. For each set, select the bond that would be best for your portfolio given tour interest rate outlook and the consequent strategy set forth in part...

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Finance: Interest and Risk-free Rate

equity has dropped from 12.25% to 10.60% as a result of this. Google, Inc. continues to have debt in its capital structure, and its debt-to-equity ratio is 30%. What is the return on assets of Google, Inc.(No more than two decimals in the percentage interest rate, but do not enter the % sign.) Answer for Question 3 Question 4 (10 points) Suppose CAPM holds, and the beta of the equity of your company is 2.00. The expected market risk premium (the difference between the expected market return and...

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Goodrich Rabobank Interest Rate Swap

its future flexibility by borrowing in the short term. Instead, it wanted to borrow for an 8 year range (or longer) at a fixed rate. However, since the general level of interest rates were pretty high, and Goodrich’s credit ratings had dropped from BBB to BBB-. Goodrich believed that it would have to pay 13% interest for a 30 year corporate debenture. Salomon Brothers had advised Goodrich that they could borrow in the US public debt market with a floating rate debt issue tied to the LIBOR...

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BFMS L02 Theory And Structure Of Interest Rates

Financial Markets and Systems Set - 2 Theory and Structure of Interest rates P C Narayan IIMB PCN BFMS L02 1 Loanable Funds theory “Market interest Rate is determined by the factors that control the supply and demand for loanable funds” IIMB PCN BFMS L02 2 1 Demand for Loanable Funds • Household demand for loanable funds – As household income rises, so does installment debt – Inverse relationship between demand for lonable funds and interest rate • Business demand for loanable funds – Inverse relationship...

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Simple Interest

Question #1 | | | Jamie wants to earn $500 in interest so she’ll have enough to buy a used car. She puts $2000 into an account that earns interest. How long will she need to leave her money in the account to earn $500 in interest? | | | | Question #2 | | | A local bank is advertising that you can double your money in eight years if you invest with them. Suppose you have $1000 to invest. What interest rate is the bank offering? | | | Try These | | | | | | | |...

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Interest and Answer Score Explanation

a score of 90.00 out of 100.00. Please read all questions and instructions carefully. Note that you only need to enter answers in terms of numbers and without any symbols (including $, %, commas, etc.). Enter all dollars without decimals and all interest rates in percentage with up to two decimals. Read the syllabus for examples.The points for each question are listed in parentheses at the start of the question, and the total points for the entire assignment adds up to 100. Question 1 (5 points)...

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Interest Groups

Interest Groups Interest Group is defined as "an organized body of individuals who try to influence public policy." This system is designed so that interest groups would be an instrument of public influence on politics to create changes, but would not threaten the government much. Whether this is still the case or not is an important question that we must find out. Interest groups play many different roles in the American political system, such as representation, participation, education, and...

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conflicts of interest

There are many different definitions for Conflict of Interest, but most all mean the same or point to the same direction. When gifts, outside activities such as consulting, or financial and fiduciary interest have potential to create a certain decision or commitment with a business it is considered conflict of interest. Although there are numerous definitions the one adopted by the Institute of Medicine is helpful. It states, “A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that...

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Just One, Inc., Has Two Mutually Exclusive Investment Projects, P and Q, Shown Below. Suppose the Market Interest Rate Is 10 Percent.

P 3–4: Just One, Inc. Just One, Inc., has two mutually exclusive investment projects, P and Q, shown below. Suppose the market interest rate is 10 percent. The ranking of projects differs, depending on the use of IRR or NPV measures. Which project should be selected? Why is the IRR ranking misleading? Using the IRR method will result in project Q being selected over P due to its higher rate of return. Using the NPV method would result in choosing project P because of its higher NPV....

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Compound Interest and Percent

Chapter 5, 6 Review 1. You invested $1,650 in an account that pays 5 percent simple interest. How much more could you have earned over a 20-year period if the interest had compounded annually?  A. $849.22 B. $930.11 C. $982.19 D. $1,021.15 E. $1,077.94 2. Today, you earn a salary of $36,000. What will be your annual salary twelve years from now if you earn annual raises of 3.6 percent?  A. $55,032.54 B. $57,414.06 C. $58,235.24 D. $59,122.08 E. $59,360.45 3. You hope to buy your dream...

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Compound Interest and Answer

A) B) Answer C) D) 1. What is the simple interest for a principal of $620 invested at a rate of 7% for 3 years? $173.60 $130.20 $172.60 $129.20 A) B) C) Answer D) E) 2. If you borrow $1100 for 5 years at 14% annual simple interest, how much must you repay at the end of the 5 years? $770.00 $2215.13 $2117.96 $77,000 $1870.00 A)Answer B) C) D) 3. How much interest is earned in 5 years on $2,900 deposited in an account paying 7.1% interest, compounded quarterly? $1,223.07 $1,186.44 $266...

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Rite Aid

money that Rite Aid borrowed from financial institutions and has no collateral tied to it. Rite Aid distinguish between these two types of debt to give a clear pictures to investors, credit rating agencies, and lenders that they will be able to make interest and principal payments on time. b. A guarantee debt is an assurance if one party defaults; another party will pay the debt. Rite Aid wholly-owned subsidiaries guarantee the debt. 2) Per note 11, Indebtedness and Credit Agreement: ...

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Mezzanine Fund

down into an interest and a kicker element: one lower (relatively safe) interest element which is compensated by a very much higher (relatively unsafe) kicker element. The company and lender work together to avoid burdening the borrower with the full interest cost of such a loan. Because mezzanine lenders will seek a high return, this return must be achieved through means other than simply cash interest payments. As a result, by using equity ownership and PIK (payable in kind) interest, the mezzanine...

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Time Value

to its capability of earning interest. There are three factors affecting how much an investment will grow: time, money, and interest rate. Time Value of Money is a concept that is very important in financial management. It affects business, personal, and government finance (Harvey, 2012) Within this paper we will discuss the definition of Time Value of Money and identifies the importance of financial managers understanding the concept. Time, Money and Interest Rates Time has an important...

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facility for private uses in 2013, which had not recorded any overdue payment or other problems. He also did not require to extend his overdraft amount for private uses with generally only used half of the overdraft amount and able to pay monthly interest. It represents he is not an upstart and has fair ability to control his money expenses. For his personality, as the breadwinner of the family, he aged 40 and has been worked in company over ten years. The bonus of business performance also indicates...

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Fundamental analysis

 Question One:   What are the potential investment risks involved with interest rate securities? Interest rate securities can be traded on the ASX, e.g. floating rate notes, convertible notes, and hybrid debt securities. This type of security is a form of bond which pays a coupon payment, either fixed or floating, plus it pays the face value upon maturity. The main risk associated with these securities is that the coupon payment (cash flow) is fixed for the life of the security unless it is...

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Time Value of Money and Risk Analysis

easily explained by taking your initial investment let us say $10 by the end of year five it could be worth $100. This means you have earned $90 in the last five years. Next year, you invest $10 and at the end of year five it is worth $80 because interest has not accumulated on the time that was lost between year 1 and year 2. My example of this is that my fiancé put $3000 in each of his children's name when they were born, by the time they are ready to attend college or serve a mission; there should...

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Money Market Trading Strategies

money market interest rate will increase for the next six months, the team has come out with a few strategies to be undertaken in order to maximise the bank’s profit. The first instrument will be of the cash products, including overnight cash, 7-day cash and loan, and secondly, the discount security which consists commercial bills. 1. Overnight & 7-day Cash The bank can offer to take overnight deposits or make overnight loans to big corporations, making use of the increasing interest rate for...

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Hill Coutry Sncak food

with 20% and 40% debt to capital ratio structure, the debt would be B rated with highest interest rate of 7.7%, reflecting the higher risk. The net income would drop to $76M, however, the tax would reduce by around $12M, but the interest expense increases to $33.5M, there is big gap between them. In terms of the 20% debt to capital ratio one, the debt is rated at AAA with 2.85% interest rate, the tax and interest both decreases and increases slightly, the EPS and dividend per share in 20% and 60% are...

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chapter 3 1

accrued salaries expense. To record this period’s use of a prepaid expense. To record accrued interest revenue. To record accrued interest expense. To record the earning of previously unearned income. E Interest Expense 2,208 Interest Payable C Insurance Expense 2,208 3,180 Prepaid Insurance F Unearned Professional Fees 3,180 19,250 Professional Fees Earned D Interest Receivable 19,250 3,300 Interest Revenue A Depreciation Expense 3,300 38,217 Accumulated Depreciation B Salaries Expense...

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Sources of Finance

the company. Disadvantages: * Higher Rate of Dividend: Company is to pay higher dividend on these shares than the prevailing rate of interest on debentures of bonds. Thus, it usually increases the cost of capital for the company. * The taxable income is not reduced by the amount of preference dividend while in case of debentures or bonds; the interest paid to them is deductible in full. 3. Debentures A debenture is specialized form of loan. It is effectively a loan from people to the...

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Carson Company

interested in future interest rate movements. The future interest rate movements affect Carsons cost of obtaining funds, and therefore may affect the value of its stock. b. Given Carsons expectations, do you think that Carson expects interest rates to increase or decrease in the future? Explain. Carson expects the U.S. economy to strengthen, and therefore should expect that interest rates will increase (assuming other things held constant). c. If Carsons expectations of future interest rates are correct...

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Butler Lumber

amount greater than $250,000 without securing the loan with real property. Another loan is being offered by a second bank, Northrup National Bank, for $465,000, with the understanding that the previous loan would be rolled into the second. The interest on the new loan would be prime + 2%. The co-founder, Mark Butler, owes a major note to the other original partner, who Mark bought out. He has a mortgage on his 12-year-old house and no other significant investments. Mark’s personal references...

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Assignment 8

loan on a 15% interest rate as the monthly payment for the loan would be R -2379.99 which is R 178.00 over her monthly projected budget for the loan. Top of Form DataBottom of Form Description 15% Annual interest rate 60 Number of months of payments 100000 Amount of loan Formula Description (Result) R -2 378.99 Monthly payment for a loan with the above terms Exercise 2: 1. Can she afford the loan if the annual interest rate is 10%? Yes 2. Can she afford the loan if the annual interest rate is 11%...

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Homework 1

  1. At the end of 2014, the Long Life Light Bulb Company announced it had produced a gross profit of $1 million. The company has also established that over the course of this year it has incurred $345,000 in operating expenses and $125,000 in interest expenses. The company is subject to a 30% tax rate and has declared $57,000 total preferred stock dividends. (a) How much is the earnings available for common stockholders? (b) Compute the increased retained earnings for 2014 if the company were...

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Comparative Study of Two Banks

Features & Benefits Fixed monthly installments are being remitted to Recurring Deposit by a Standing Order, ECS Mandate  or by regular direct remittance Opening Balance: Rs.500/- Interest Rate: As applicable for term deposits including the benefits of Senior Citizens TDS in Interest: No TDS as per current regulations Deposit Tenor: 12 months to 120 months Nomination facility: Available Premature Closure: Allowed |[pic]  ...

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Math 534

annual simple interest for the first 90 days, plus 3% simple interest per month (or any part of a month) on the unpaid balance after 90 days. Together, the washer and dryer cost $699 plus the 8.25% sales tax. Sara knew that her tax refund from the IRS would be $1,000 so she bought the washer and dryer confident that she could pay off the balance within the 90 days. 2. If Sara bought the washer and dryer on December 15, using the exact interest, what is her deadline for paying no interest in a non-leap...

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Analysis of Credit Card Debt

(assuming no other fees are being applied)? $105.40 $5270* .02= $105.40 2. Considering the minimum payment you just calculated, determine the amount of interest and the amount that was applied to reduce the principal. Hint: You’ll need to find the total interest for the year first. Annual interest $818.43 divide by 12 months= Interest paid: $68.20 principal paid: $37.20 $5270*.1553= $818.43 $818.43/12= $68.20 $105.40-$68.20= $37.20 3. Consider one of...

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Money and Points

symbols (including $, %, commas, etc.). Enter all dollars without decimals and all interest rates with up to two decimals. Read the syllabus for examples. The points for each question are listed in parentheses at the start of the question, and the total points for the entire assignment adds up to 100. Question 1 (5 points) Qin deposits his first paycheck in the bank. The annual interest rate is 12%, but interest is compounded quarterly. The EAR is: Your Answer | | Score | Explanation | 12...

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Starbucks Corporation

August 2007 issue of debt at 6.25% interest rate and the interest expense journal entry for 2007 and 2008 related to this debt are as follows: August 1, 2007 Issue of Debt: Cash 549,000,000 Senior N/P Discount 1,000,000 Senior Notes Payable 550,000,000 December 31, 2007: Interest Expense 14,357,084 Interest Payable 14,315,417 (550,000,000 x .0313 x 5/6) Discount 41,667 (50,000 x 5/6) February 1, 2008: Interest Payable 14,315,417 Interest Expense 2,872,916 Cash 17...

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Week 2 Quiz Nov

of their education d. less than 150% of their first-year salary 3) If you have applied for your first credit card and been denied, what is the best thing to do? a. Call up the card company and ask if you can be approved if you agree to a higher interest rate. b. Apply for a secured credit card. c. Add money from a cash loan to your checking account so it appears you have more funds available. d. Have someone cosign for a credit card for you. 4) When you have serious credit card debt, where is...

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Alza Corp Case Study

impacted on the right side, which could cause a massive negative impact on the company's stock price. Many don't realize that a decrease in a company's equity price will ultimately increase their cost of capital which will in turn also increase their interest expense. This option will also not blow over well with ALZA's shareholders. By utilizing much of their own financial capital, ALZA would be bearing much more risk, thereby diminishing why the company is so attractive to equity holders in the first...

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Fin316 Final Exam Practice

C. 1.40. D. 2.10. Portfolio beta = (W1 x B1) + (W2 x B2) = (.5 x 1.4) + (.5 x .70) = 1.05 1 Finance 316 practice problems for final exam 8. According to CAPM estimates, what is the cost of equity for a firm with beta of 1.5 when the risk-free interest rate is 6% and the expected return on the market portfolio is 15%? Expected return on stock = 6% + 1.5(15% - 6%) = 6 + 13.5 = 19.5% 9. A firm’s dividend is expected to be $7 next year, and then $9 in the following year. After that, its dividends...

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Financial Markets

likely to buy houses because the real interest rate when purchasing a house has fallen from 3 percent (5 percent –2 percent) to 1 percent (10 percent –9 percent). The real cost of financing the house is thus lower, even though mortgage rates have risen. (If the tax deductibility of interest payments is allowed for, then it becomes even more likely that people will buy houses.) 3. Using the supply and demand for bonds framework, explain and show why interest rates are procyclical (rising when the...

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NMQ Cost of Capital

+ Weight of preferred stock*cost of preferred stock (Ross et. al., 2008) Debt provides tax shield. Interest payment is deductible from income before tax payment. Thus, after tax cost of debt is lowered. After tax Cost of capital = weight of debt*cost of debt(1-Tax rate) + weight of equity*cost of equity+ Weight of preferred stock*cost of preferred stock The cost of debt is the rate of interest company pays on its borrowings. A company pays different rates on different borrowings as company does...

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Fedex and UPS

recognizes the asset under his property, plant and equipment.  The amount that should be debited is the Lower of asset’s fair value and present value of minimum lease payments. The present value is determined by discounting minimum lease payments using interest rates implicit in the lease. Also, initial direct cost that the lessee incurs in relation to the lease is added to the cost of recognized asset.  On the credit side of the entry should be lease liabilities, which is in fact, some kind of a loan....

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Dgap Calculation

ALM has been on net interest income. However, it also considers market values, via duration. Finally, simulations allow other aspects of risk management to be brought into the ALM process. 5.1 Given the following information: Assets $ Rate Liabs & Equity $ Rate RSA $3,000 10.0% RSL $2,000 8.0% NonRSA 1,500 9.0 NonRSL 2,000 7.0 Nonearning500 Equity 1,000 $5,000 $5,000 a. Calculate the expected net interest income at current interest rates and assuming...

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Bank Management Chapter 7

the creation of interest rate risk? What is interest rate risk? Asset transformation by an FI involves purchasing primary assets and issuing secondary assets as a source of funds. The primary securities purchased by the FI often have maturity and liquidity characteristics that are different from the secondary securities issued by the FI. For example, a bank buys medium- to long-term bonds and makes medium-term loans with funds raised by issuing short-term deposits. Interest rate risk occurs...

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Financial Operations

000 as payments from Medicare and other managed care companies in three months, solving Elijah Health Center’s cash flow problem. Although the EHC will pay a higher interest rate of 9.45%, there is no payment limitation for option one loan. As a financial consultant, closing the loan in three months with $32,603 paid out as interest, as compared to loan option two, which could not be prepaid before six months. Phase two is the funding of equipment acquisition at Elijah Health Center has some increasing...

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Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (Etbs)

bond. b. Interest Rates When interest rates change, ETBS prices change in response. This sensitivity to interest rates is one of the key influences on ETBS prices. Supposing the average interest rate available to investors goes up, the ETBS’ current yield will become a less attractive investment. This would result in investor demand falling off, causing a decline in the ETBS price; until the point where the yield becomes competitive with prevailing rates. The reverse occurs if interest rates go...

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Anne Spider

2,880 $33,600 2. The following amounts were disbursed through May 31, 2013: Baking materials $14,400 Rent 1,800 Salaries and wages 5,500 Maintenance 110 Utilities 4,000 Insurance premium 1,920 Equipment 3,000 Principal and interest payment on bank loan 312 Advertising 424 $31,466 3. Unpaid invoices at May 31, 2013, were as follows: Baking materials $256 Utillities 270 $526 4. Customer records showed uncollected sales of $4,226 at May 31, 2013. ...

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Bond and Percent

Week 3 Time Value of Money and Valuing Bonds Chapter 6 55. Amortization with Equal Payments Prepare an amortization schedule for a five-year loan of $36,000. The interest rate is 9 percent per year, and the loan calls for equal annual payments. How much interest is paid in the third year? Answer: $2,108.52 56. Amortization with Equal Principal Payments Rework Problem 55 assuming that the loan agreement calls for a principal reduction of $7,200 every year instead of equal annual payments. Answer:...

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eco financial markets

Gold again becomes acceptable as a medium of exchange. (2 marks) b. Prices in the gold market become more volatile. (2 marks) c. You expect inflation to rise, and gold prices tend to move with the aggregate price level. (3 marks) d. You expect interest rates to rise. (3 marks) Outline of solutions: (a) More, because it has become more liquid; (b) less, because it has become more risky; (c) more, because its expected return has risen; (d) more, because its expected return has risen relative...

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excellent idea for DC due to the company's competitive strength. But the description from Tewitt shows that he is placing his own self-interest above all other stakeholders and "above moral duties that override self-interest" (Van De Ven & Jeurissen, 2005).  Inflation and Capital Budgeting  In our opinion, the concerns of Andrew Gowan- Treasury analyst- regarding interest rate calculations used in Merseyside project evaluations are valuable. Due to Greystock's calculation mix nominal and real rates...

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Padgett Paper Products

structure of the total Liabilities demonstrate the unstructured and unequally relation. (Appendix1). Through this the Company reached a lost from tax shield value. Because of the low amount of the long- term debt the company had not a huge amount of interest expenses which it would deduct of the Operating profit (EBIT). Therefore the Company has to tax the whole EBIT. The Income Statement shows that the Tax made almost 57% of the EBIT in 1993 and in the further years the tax alternate between 52% and...

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Caja Espana

Acc. Interest Revenue 270,000 Interest Charged to Treasury on Checking Account 10,000,000 4.01% 401,000 Interest Charged to Treasury on Term Deposits 15,000,000 2.11% 316,500 Interest Charged on Mortgages to Customers 6,000,000 4.06% 243,600 Interest Charged on Credit Lines to Customers 1,000,000 2.64% 26,400 Total Interest Revenue 987,500 270,000 Interest Expense 287,500 Interest Paid to Treasury on Mortgages 6,000,000 2.25% 135,000 Interest Paid to...

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Defining Key Ratios

date=01/05/2010&story=3&title=Investing-Back-to-basics-XXI * Net interest margin (NIM)  * Operating profit margin (OPM)  * Cost to income ratio  * Other income to total income ratio Net interest margin (NIM): Just as we calculate and measure performances of non-financial companies on the basis of their operating performance (EBITDA margins), the performance of banks is largely dependent on the NIM for the year. The difference between interest income and interest expense is known as net interest income. It is the income, which...

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Diageo Capital Structure Case

Has Diageo’s capital structure been as conservative as it believes? (What interest rate coverage ratio has it been targeting? How does it look relative to its competitors?) Diageo’s capital structure has not been as conservative as it believes. Although their capital structure in FY 2000 has been as conservative as it has targeted, it is less conservative compared to other companies in related industries. The interest rate coverage ratio that it has been targeting is between 5 and 8 x and they...

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Airjet Best Parts, Inc. Part 1

| EFF = 13.9948 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Question 2: | | | | | | | | | | I would recommend that AirJet Best Parts, Inc. take the loan that National First is offering since the interest rate is only compounded | | semi-annually, making it lower that that of Regions Best. The loan with National First has an Effective Annual Rate of 10.25, | | | whereas Regions Best's EAR is calculated at 13.99%. If the loans with Regions...

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Annual Percentage Rate and Decimal Places

down and 20% of the purchase price in each of the next 4 years. If you pay the entire bill immediately, you can take a 5% discount from the purchase price. | a. | Calculate the present value of the payments, if you can borrow or lend funds at a 7% interest rate. Assume the product sells for $100. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) |   Present value | $     | b. | Calculate the payment net of discount. |   Payment net of discount | $     | c. | Which...

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Finance Basics for Managers: Time Value of Money Problems

FIN2110 Finance Basics for Managers Fall 2011 Time Value of Money Problems Calculating Future Values Assume you deposit $10,000 today in an account that pays 6% interest. How much will you have in five years? = $10,000 (FVIF of 6%, 5years) = $10,000 * 1.3382 = $13,382 Calculating Present Values Suppose you have just celebrated your 19th birthday. A rich uncle has set up a trust fund for you that will pay you $150,000 when you turn 30. If the relevant discount...

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Time Value of Money

today is more valuable than the same amount in the future due to its capability of earning interest. For investors, this is single most important concept in the world of finance. This paper will discuss the different financial applications of the time value of money. This paper will also describe the components of interest and highlight various methods of calculating time value of money using different interest scenarios. Financial Applications of the Time Value of Money Time value of money has...

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Housing Loan: Types of Products/Services

broadly defined into two categories, fixed rates and floating (variable) rates. Banks start charging interest from the date the loan is first disbursed. Fixed rates packages in Singapore are normally offered for up to 3 years, However, some banks may extend up to 5 years fixed rates or even 10 years. After the agreed fixed-rate term is up, the interest rate will become variable where the interest rate will be a floating rate. Floating rates in Singapore can be classified into published rates...

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Marriott Case Study Harvavd Business Review

CAPM has been calculated, the next step to determining the WACC is to figure out the required rate of return for debt, which was found by adding the debt rate premium above government for Marriott from Table A, 1.30% and the 10 year U.S. Government interest rates from Table B, 8.72%. The 10 year rate was chosen to be consistent with time lengths. Then the value for equity, debt and the firm need to be calculated, this is a simple step. The market price of the shares is multiplied by the number of outstanding...

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Financial Institution Martket Chap 5 solution

The bond with a C rating should have a higher risk premium because it has a higher default risk, which reduces its demand and raises its interest rate relative to that on the Baa bond. 2. U.S. Treasury bills have lower default risk and more liquidity than negotiable CDs. Consequently, the demand for Treasury bills is higher, and they have a lower interest rate. 3. During business cycle booms, fewer corporations go bankrupt and there is less default risk on corporate bonds, which lowers their...

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Financing – The Role of the Nigerian Agriculture and Co-Operative Bank The Concept of Agricultural Financing – Agriculture in Nigeria has over the years been largely a private indigenous activity inspite of the relatively recent intensification of interest by government in the sector and official efforts to infuse foreign private participation. According to Ugwuanyi (1999), Agricultural financing is the sourcing of fund and making it available for agricultural production and uses. Agricultural financing...

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perimeter of the rectangle is 85 feet, find the width and the length. X L W x 2W-3 2. A total of $9000 is deposited into two simple interest accounts. In one account the annual simple interest rate is 5%, and in the second account the annual simple interest rate is 7%. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $485. How much was invested in each account? 3. Running at an average rate of 6 meters per second, a sprinter ran to the end of a track...

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American Superconductor

Principles of Accounting I Unit 5 Individual Project 1-2 Pages Selecting a for-profit organization of interest, you will research an unusual or conflicting accounting principle that has impacted your chosen organization. The research will require you to present, review and analyze the organizations published accounting statements of the last two years. Specifically, your research paper will: Identify the core functions of each department, their strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations...

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