Ethics - Chapter 2

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Q1.What are the ethical and legal issues?
A1.The ethical issue is that Kent has made a game that has both a lot of violence and nudity in it. He knows that the game would be marketing sex, violence, and gambling; and he knows that all three are bad to be imbedded into a teenagers mind. When he talks to Brad about these at first he does not understand why Kent has changed his mind about this game that will make the company lots of money. Then some legal issues come into play when Brad decided that he will look into other countries that will like this game and will buy it off of them. Brad said that for Mexican market they would love it but take out a little of the violence and that Taiwanese loves it but wants more graphic in violence and nudity.

Q2.What are Kent’s options?
A2.Kent’s options are to either stop the development of the game and to change some of the concepts and then remarket it. This could be gone by taking out some of the violence and not putting any nudity in it. His other option would be to do what Brad wants him to do, which is to change something on the game and then sell them overseas, to other countries. Even thought this would not put the game in his country it would still be putting this game into the hands other teenagers around the world.

Q3.Discuss the acceptability and commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling in the United States. A3.Sex, violence, and gambling are widely used in the United States in all sorts of ad campaigns for many companies for various things. I think that these things are widely accepted for the most part, except the fully nude form, but violence is the norm these days it’s used in everything from children’s cartoons to grown up sitcoms. Gambling, like Violence, is also marketed to small children in the form of video games; adults too are also subjected to gambling by casinos and their slot machines. Finally, sex is used a lot in ads to sell everything from cars to undergarments, to...
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