Regulating Violent Video Games

Topics: Child, Pornography, Censorship Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Regulating Violent Video Games
A. Whose place is it to deal with the problem?
1. Parent should censor their children.
2. Why parents should censor children.
3. The possible result if our children are not censored.

A. Should the Government regulate violent video games?
1. What would happen if the government regulates video games?
2. Why I am against the government’s involvement in regulating video games.
3. Regulating ourselves.


Regulating Violent Video Games
An African proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child." But in this society the child barely has a mother or father to truly depend on. When I was I child I was fortunate to have a family so close that if I did something wrong, it seemed like the whole world knew. This is what made me the human being I am today. My philosophy is somewhat like a doctor’s oath, “First do no harm”. With this idea I believe in karma what you send out will come back to you. “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.” (Martin Luther King, 1958) So whose place is it to deal with the problem of violence in video games?

The problem is ours because we have the caused the demand for such games. And without the demand there would be no need for them. But since we do have them just as we have guns, the parents should take back control. Just as you don’t allow your children to listen to offensive rap music, or play with guns. The same way you don’t want your child to look at pornographic material we should censor the games our children play. Why is this, the parent’s problem? Well you did bring them into this world, and are therefore responsible for their well-being including their mental growth. When a child plays violent games, studies show that their brain is stimulated. But don’t books do the same thing. Being a parent means you live by example...
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