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Ethical Code

By gwenny25 Dec 02, 2012 292 Words
The ethical code of my company is as follows:
All employees should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in and outside of work. All working conditions will be in a safe, clean working environment, to ensure the safety of all employees and consumers. All employees are to be created equally regards of their race, religion, gender, or ethnicity. All employees will be compensated fair and adequately.

All employees must follow rules and regulations set by laws and governments to up stain business standards. Any employee can feel free to make suggestions or complaints to improve the company. Customers’ orders must be made accurately and quickly.

All employees should be treated fairly and with respect of each other. The company as a whole must comply with standard ordinances with the community and the people. The company and its’ employees must strive to maintain or reduce the cost of the product. All new ideas or experiments will be considered.

We must consider ways to help employees fulfill family obligations. We must ensure proper training for all employees.
Ensuring that all of these ethic codes are fulfilled our company as well as the employees should strive for goodness and reasonable growth through the company as well as profit.

I chose the Utilitarian Rule, Justice Rule, and Moral Rights Rule because these are the values I hold to my own standards. The Moral Rights Rule is how I would look upon each individual person to act working in a company. I chose the Utilitarian Rule because I would like everyone to strive for goodness within each other as well as the environment and community. The Justice Rule was chosen because in all companies there will be some difficult times, with difficult decisions to be made.

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