Eth 125 Final Paper

Topics: Culture, Cultural diversity, Discrimination Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Cultural Diversity
Brandon A. Mize
Axia College
University of Phoenix
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity
Novella Sconyers
24 September 2012

Diversity can be such an interesting topic. When one mentions diversity several things come to mind and most often the first thing that comes to mind is the cultural diversity of The United States. To gain a better understanding of different cultures around the World, a person could spend their life traveling the globe or even better yet they could sit back and take in the daily occurrences around them. It is hard to find a country more culturally diverse than our own and yet we fail to see it. There are several reasons that we fail to see this diversity, whether it be a lack of understanding or just a lack of willingness to understand. For a country that is called “the melting pot of the world”, we certainly still have a prevalent degree of prejudice and discrimination. Some would call it a lack of insight and willingness to grow; I prefer to call it ignorance and fear, fear of differences and change.

In order for a person to learn about the diversity of this great nation that person must first understand the history of this great nation. Since the colonization or European settlers we have had a history of taking over land and corralling people that were not white, like us, into their own little areas. This can be seen in the history books by the colonists taking land from the natives and sending them to remote areas to try and survive. This act was something of genocide and forced the extinction of various tribes. This corralling effect can be seen in modern society where the poor huddle in masses near project housing, these masses are generally comprised of minority groups forced to live in lower quality housing simply because we have not rectified the wrongs we committed against them in earlier decades and generations. Though promised the right to an equal opportunity many find it hard to rise from the ashes to...
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