Eth/125 Final Paper

Topics: Ethnic group, Race, African American Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: August 2, 2013
Final Project
What has helped me better understand or relate to others in ways that I may have not in the past was probably during a crucial time in America, and that was 9/11. Many people had a hard time liking Muslims and I didn’t quite understand. I gradually figured out that because some Muslims are bad doesn’t mean that all Muslims are bad. I have grown a respect for Muslims and for other races. As an African American, I have not learned anything new about my family or our culture. What I have realized is that I hear about African American leaders, and people who have stood up for their race. I feel honored at times to be who I am, I don’t neglect my race at all, and I embrace it. If trends continue in the United States, the demographic profile will change dramatically by 2050. Centers projection has indicated that nearly one in five Americans (19%) will be foreign born in 2050 which is well above the 2005 level of 12%. I believe it will look quiet different than it does now. Immigration is projected to be the key driver of national population growth in the coming half century. As the diversity is changing daily, anxieties about where our country is headed combined with the coming demographic change may generate more division. We have all seen this done before many times as wave upon wave of new immigrants arrive. We will face brutal discrimination and hardship because the stakes are even higher than they were before. A clear vision of where we want our country to be in a few years is urgently needed. I don’t think that many realize the benefits of being so diverse. Personally I love looking around and seeing the women and children form India with there long dresses and there heads covered. They embrace there culture and I think it is such a beautiful thing. At times I wonder what they think is so unique about our culture, and what it is like to be an American. One benefit that I have picked up is speaking another language. I was raised by a...
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