Multicultural Literature

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Cultural assimilation Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Multicultural Issues
Tiffany Altvater, Keimyereia Jones, Kaycee Pearson, Angela Pratt ENG/157-Multicultural Literature
January 28, 2013
Dr. Greg Beatty

Multicultural Issues
* Methods to improve global understanding based on multicultural appreciation In today’s society our access to the global community has been revolutionized compared to decades past. In order to find out information about another’s culture a person would have to scour books and put together bits of information to formulate their own perception of that cultures lives and inner workings. In this day and age people are connected through video chats and emails, with document recordings of each individual culture and society. No matter where you are on the planet someone can find you and pin point your location. Many schools have begun to use this technology to connect classrooms across the globe. * Early diverse education for children

By connecting children in different global regions we are now able to close the gaps between our cultures and societies. Children from America can now take part in global celebrations, which will broaden their minds, and open up their hearts to new and different cultures and concepts. Introducing children to multicultural experiences will “encourage children’s curiosity.” (Hagiwara, 1998) Children are capable of learning new things with little difficulty, if becoming culturally diverse became part of their everyday habits by the time that they entered college they would already be well round individual with a vast knowledge of the global society.

Be more like the Gypsies
Gypsies learn a multitude of languages throughout their lives and speak in several different languages all at once using French to describe beauty and life while incorporating Russian to describe life’s hardships. If each person on the planet chose not to limit themselves to only one language while growing up then the world would be full of international friendships and unities....

References: Hagiwara, T. (1998). Introduce Multiculturalism in Your Classroom. Sage Journals, 44. Retrieved from
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