ETH 125 Final

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Final Project
December 22, 2013
Howard Snider
Final Project
There was a great deal of new information about diversity available during this course. There was never had much of a chance to learn about other cultures considering the current environment. Growing up in Salt Lake City Utah, which is almost entirely Caucasian, particularly in the more wealthy areas, diversity in cultural and racial systems was almost non-existent. The area is also not very mixed religiously, being almost entirely dominated by the Mormon Church. People of the catholic faith are in the minority in the area. This can give a point of view on discrimination that is not as common among Caucasian males as it is among females and people of other races in the United States. The interest in history meant that there was a great deal of familiarity with the history of discrimination, but the realization that many of those struggles still persist today was never appreciated. Learning more about the current conditions of the various races, particularly the difference in salary has helped foster the understanding that discrimination is still very present in today’s society. The presence of discrimination has also helped with understanding the current situation. As part of the racial, cultural, and gender benefited groups, there was no real discriminatory experience related to these aspects, but struggles with disability and membership in the religious minority makes this a very real issue. There is little to learn in relation to race culture and ethnicity for a Caucasian male, but there is a lot to learn about the various disability and religious rights movements. The fact that employers are legally required to accommodate disability was very comforting. The demographics of the United States are changing greatly. Salt Lake City is a perfect place to witness the change. What was once an almost entirely Caucasian valley now has an enormous Latin population. In 2050...
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