Essentials of Business Communication

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Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)

Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)
1. In what ways do communication skill acts as a career filter?  Your ability to communicate will make you marketable and continue to be your ticket to success regardless of the economic climate.

2. Would your culture be classified as high-or-low-context? Why?  My culture be classified as high-context, because our country is a country in ASIA which have very beautiful culture and this culture is very good and have a lot of advantages for the country, so we need to care and maintain our culture for our next generation.

3. What is the definition of “Soft Skills”? What are soft skills you need to have at current work place? Briefly explain.
 Soft skills are essential career attributes that include the ability to communicate, work well with others, solve problems, make ethical decisions, and appreciate diversity.
 In my current workplace I work as a call center, so I need some soft skills such as:
 Ability to communicate: I need to know at least two languages, need to be patient, and friendly.
 Work well with other: I need to be friendly and help each other.  Ability to solve the problem: I need to be flexible to find solution for the customers.
4. Explain the three steps in the writing process?
 Three steps in the writhing process:
 Prewriting: The first phase of the writing process involves analyzing and anticipating the audience and then adapting to that audience.  Writing: The second phase of the writing process includes researching, organizing the message, and actually writing it.

 Revising: The third phase of the writing process involves revising, proofreading, and evaluating your letter.

Lecturer: Chhin Kona

Cambodian Mekong University

Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)

5. What is bias-free language? Provide several examples of biased language and bias-free alternative?
 Bias-free language is language that is sensitive to people’s sex, race, age, physical condition and many other categories.
 Example:
The teacher…she
Foreman, flagman, workman
Businessman, salesman

lead worker, flagger, worker
businessperson, sales representative

6. What is ‘you’ view? Why do you need to use the ‘you’ view in business writing? Briefly explain with examples.
 ‘You’ view is among the most important adaptive writing techniques are developing audience benefits and cultivating.
 Because it focus on audience benefits. When your goal is to inform, persuade, or promote goodwill, the catchiest words you can use are you and your. For example: Your order will be delivered by UPS in time for your sales promotion December 1.

7. Why should business writers strive for conciseness?
 Because conciseness allows for an easier conveying of messages. You only have 1-7 seconds to convince a reader and 90 second to confirm their attention, so concise messages are more likely to capture the attention and keep it. 8. In proofreading, is it difficult to find your own error? How can you overcome this barrier?

 Because most of us read what we "thought" we wrote. To help: allow 24 hours or longer to "cool" the document before proofreading. Also try changing the font or printing on different paper so that you feel you are reading something different.

Lecturer: Chhin Kona

Cambodian Mekong University

Essentials of Business Communication (MN117)

9. What is different between “Direct strategies” and “Indirect strategies”? What each benefits of both strategies?
 Direct Strategies: Placing the main idea at the beginning of the message.  Benefits of direct strategies:
 Saves the reader’s time. Many of today’s businesspeople can devote only a few moments to each message. Messages that take too long to get to the point may lose their readers along the way.
 Sets a proper frame of mind. Learning the purpose up front helps the reader put the subsequent...
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