5 Steps of the Writing Process

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The 5 Steps of the Writing Process

1. Prewriting : Prewriting is the first step in writing. When you are prewriting you are writing freely without worrying about grammar and spelling. You are just getting all of your thoughts down on paper. 2. Outlining the structure of ideas: This step is taking all of your thoughts and sorting them into a more organized idea. It helps you develop a topic sentence. 3. Drafting: This is your first version of a complete paper or writing. 4. Revising: This is where you rethink content and organization. You make sure that the purpose is clear. 5. Editing: This step is where you write your final paper making sure to correct any and all errors.

It is important to follow a structured writing process with all writing projects. There are 5 steps in the writing process and they all serve a very specific purpose. We write to relay information or ideas to our audience. It can be difficult to do this if your writing is not clear and concise. Everyone has different writing styles and it can sometimes confuse a reader. You may also have many thoughts about a topic and can forget key points or neglect to connect the points in an organized way. People can become confused or become disinterested in what you have written. Just by taking the time to follow the steps you can improve your writing and be sure that you have a detailed and organized piece of work. These steps are important in all aspects of writing. By following the steps of the writing process you can ensure that your audience clearly understands your writing.

Final Topic for COM/155
I decided that I want to write about two methods of losing weight for my final assignment in this class.

I have chosen to write about, two methods of losing weight because I am in fact struggling with weight loss issues. It will not only help me with my writing but it will also provide me the perfect excuse to research this topic a little more thoroughly than I have...
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