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VISION IAS Under the Guidance of Ajay Kumar Singh ( B.Tech. IIT Roorkee , Director & Founder : Vision IAS )

Expert Guidance, Feedback & Telephonic Discussion Y. R. Anand, M.A ( D.U), PHD (J.N.U.) Expert of Essay Enrichment Programme

Essay Paper in civil services examination carries 200 marks out of the 2000 mark scheme of the main examination. Like the interview (that carries 300 marks), the success and rank of an aspirant is determined significantly by this little but important segment. It is in fact easy, simple and beautiful paper. But sadly most of the aspirants do not realize this until it is too late. Not many candidates have managed to score over a 100 marks according to the statistics of the 2009 main results. There have been a shockingly high number of double and even single digit scores on the essay score-card of this time. But, this should not and does not mean that this paper is difficult or is non- scorable .

This simply indicates towards the need of a good strategy through experienced guidance and practice in right direction that’s all. There are students who have scored 150 plus marks in 2009 main examination only, for instance - Puneet Gulati, AIR-319 has scored 140 in the UPSC-2009. Puneet too recognizes the importance of strategy - he writes: “while none of us can justify the extremely low scores given out by UPSC, I do think that there does exist a strategy for tackling the Essay paper, which, if adopted and implemented thoughtfully, can reap a decent 50-70% mark in the Essay. Such marks will ensure that a candidate does not fail to make it to the list just because of poor showing in the Essay”.

The nature of essay writing for the Civil Services Examination is different than those of the academic or scholarly essay writings. As in here, one has to be diplomatic in taking up a stand and tackling the issues concerned. The precision of language, discipline of thought and lot of patience in showing up the views are the prerequisites. Remember! Your entire personality is going to be judged on every single word that you happen to write. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful about choosing the words.

But now let us first answer some of the basic questions – like, what is an essay? And how should one write it to obtain the maximum marks? ©VISION IAS


Essay is an art of writing ones thought in a very coherent, logical, and lucid manner so as to make an impact or place an individual opinion for due consideration in the ongoing debate. Essay writing reflects a democratic way of making a point. Therefore, essay is one of the most popular forms of literature for placing one’s view point in the public. There can not be a definition to an essay as such; as it varies according to the subject matter and an individual writer who is attempting the essay.

Literally the word ‘essay’ means an "attempt". It is an attempt to compose one’s thoughts so as to present them in a logically coherent structure and sequence. It is a literary composition usually in prose form, dealing with a particular subject and bringing out its various aspects one by one, with a view to present a graphic picture of the whole subject-matter in a very well-knit composition. Thus, an essay becomes a test not only of one’s knowledge and information but also of the maturity of thoughts, rationality of imagination and of the ability of presentation of an individual.

In order to obtain a high score in the essay paper of the UPSC, one needs to understand the requirement of this exam along with the purposes of this exam. As it is quite evident that UPSC is looking for a mature decision maker, a good administrator and an overall leadership quality in you. So you got show all these attributes in not only the essay writing but in all of your write ups including your optional subjects as well as the G.S....
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