How to Write Essays and Assignments

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How to write

Essays & Assignments
Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers

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Preface and acknowledgements How to use this book
vii ix

1 Why expressing yourself well in writing is important – how to develop your writing skills 3

What markers are looking for
2 What markers are looking for in your essays and assignments – how to identify the key elements required to meet markers’ expectations


Getting started
3 Tackling writing assignments – how to get started

Researching your topic
4 Effective academic reading – how to read efficiently and with understanding 5 The library as a resource – how to make the best use of the facilities 6 Note-making from texts – how to create effective notes for later reference 7 Thinking critically – how to develop a logical approach to analysis, synthesis and evaluation 41




Writing the first draft
8 Academic writing formats – how to organise your writing within a standard framework 9 Planning writing assignments – how to organise your response to...
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