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Topics: Friendship, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 18, 2013
There Are Many Point Of Views

There are different points of view .My family and my kind and respectfull friends have many point views.

First of all, I don't really like to view myself.I view myself selfish, but awsome.For example ,I love to play with my miniature toys.My favorite toy is lego's because they are so small and fun to build,and play with them.After that,I love to play a lot of games.I play pokemon in my DS, and I play halo 4 in my xbox 360.When I have money I love to save it.When there is somthing I want ,and I say no and leave the money in my walet.

In addition, my family viewed me kind of negitive.I am negitive because am mad or sad.My mom said he is very organized.He loves to clean up when there is mess in or outside.She said I love to share with each other.I share my money with them and my toys.She said I am annoying because I always talk to much.I talk to much to my friends and family because I love it.

In fact, my friend point of view.They say am wierd, but they say cool things about me to.Tyshon said I am a gamer.I play a lot of games like pokemon and, halo 4.Kyle said I am kind of funny.I make them lagh sometimes because am a bit funny in and, out school.Robert says I talk a lot because in class he says am very talkitive.

I think people view other people awsome, selfish, and sad because thats there point of view.A lot of people say some are negitive and , positive.
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