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James Franco: All-Around Star
Watching movies and TV shows is something that everyone has done. Ever think about the actors and directors that are behind all the things people watch? Meet James Franco, the man who started young, known for his all-around doings. He is acknowledgeable for his outstanding work in filmmaking and performance art.
In order, to have gotten to where he is, he would have needed to learn what he knows somewhere. He studied at Playhouse West, an acting school, for years (Miller) and secured many roles in television and movies. (Pallardy) Subsequently, he started to teach at other schools but in a different way. (Miller) He has taught at USC, UCLA, and CalArts. He actually used the “Meisner Technique,” that he had learned from enrolling at Playhouse West. The Meisner Technique develops an actor’s performance by how they engage in the situation and with...

He has been in the acting career for nearly 20 years. (Percy) Apparently, acting does not do much for him; he prefers school and art over it. (Percy) He often leave movie sets to go to a workshop or seminar. (Percy) People who have met him, also realized he has a thing for photography. Specifically, taking photos for documentation. (Percy) He would pull out his camera and tell others about the photos he takes. (Percy) Franco is happy and confident in everything he does, and that’s why people accept him for who he is. (Percy) He “He does exactly what a movie star does; makes you want more of him.” (Percy)
As anyone can tell, from the roles and awards he’s been given to the things people say about him, show that James Franco really deserves to be praised for what he does. He scored big once he hit the screens of TV’s and movie theaters. He provides the world with what is called entertainment. Everybody just wants more and more of him, he must be doing something right. In conclusion, he is truly outstanding in the world of performance...
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