Essay on Front Office Leadership

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As Greg is the leader of the front office department, with his years of experience and his level of maturity, level-two leadership would be the appropriate style of method for this situation. The concept of level-two leadership is to reason through logic and data. We have identified the expertise power as the main source of power to motivate Greg. According to Clawson’s theory, “expertise influence come about when one person knows more about a critical issue than another” (Clawson, 2009). In this case, the GM’s experience within the industry is a key factor to understanding the senior business clients and their needs for quality service at the reception.

Following the level-two leadership model, the GM will provide specific examples to Greg and his team, thus giving Greg the reasoning and need for his department to improve. One area of weakness is the lack of personal attention being given to the guests at reception. It appears at times that the receptionists have become complacent and are just going through the motions of the job. This approach has costs the business client valuable time.

Another example of problem identified by the GM is the lack of floor presence by Claire, the reception manager. She is mostly out of sight and dealing with administrative matters in her office rather than working on the floor with her team and guest. With a young team of receptionists, it is important that they are given the proper leadership so that they are able to carry out their task properly.

Greg will also need to improve his leadership skills by developing a working relationship with Claire. Although Greg lacks confidence in her abilities, he will need her assistance to achieve the goals that have been given to him.

Based on the principles of level two leadership, by explaining and clarifying the goals and expectations for Greg and his team, the GM will be able to communicate his purpose clearly and therefore establish a long lasting...
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