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It’s my pleasure to have this opportunity for a conversation with you.

Could you please give us your brief introduction.
Name: Ajay Mathema
Currently working:

1. Could you please tell us your current projects that u are engaged in?

Effective leadership is the ability to inspire followers to listen to and follow a vision; the ability to innovate and drive an organization or people towards new ideas and directions.

Leadership may be difficult to define, yet we all have an idea of what it means to be a good leader. If we’re lucky, we’ve had a firsthand experience with a strong, effective leader. Schools, teams, clubs, professional organizations, work; even friends and family often offer us an example of a leader who stands above the rest.

Having said that let me ask you few questions that I believe will help me more get a clear concept about leadership.

2. Who is a leader?

3. Do you consider yourself as a leader and if yes why?

4. Are leader made or born?

5. What Makes a Leader?
Leadership skills can be categorized as follows:
Sharing Information
Understanding Needs and Characteristics of the group
Knowing the Resources and skillful in their utilization/development Controlling and Counseling
Setting the Example
Planning & Evaluating
Sharing leadership and Learning.

1. Who do you consider to be a good leader?
Maybe it's a politician, a famous businessperson, or a religious figure. Or maybe it's someone you know personally – like your boss, a teacher, or a friend.

1. What kind of a leader are you? Words that describe your leadership characteristics some key personal traits that effectively describe leadership performance are: Initiator, Innovator and Originator, Decision Maker, Listener, Critical Thinker, Coacher, Inspiring, Motivating, Dominating, Goal Oriented and Vision/Planning Abilities. Determine which of the above skills you possess and expound upon (illustrate) them in your answer.  2. Do you have any idol leader? If yes who and why do you consider him to be a great leader?

3. How would your staff and colleagues describe your leadership style? Give us an example to support your answer. 4. The perspective leader is able to adapt his or her style to fit the follower’s, employees and organizational needs.

5. What are the most important values and ethics you demonstrate as a leader? Give us an example of these in practice. Integrity- being truthful and trustworthy and having conviction - is an essential leadership competency. The effective leader demonstrates values and ethics in personal behavior and integrates these values and ethics into organizational practices and activities. A good leader acts with the courage of his/her convictions. While leaders are open with their employees and model honesty, transparency and fairness, they do not violate confidences or divulge potentially harmful information.

6. Name some situations in which a leader may fail. Tell us about a time when you failed as a leader? 7. A number of factors can fall outside a leader's control such as the available skill pool in the organization, time constraints, the economic climate. If employees are lethargic and negatively orientated, it can create a situation ripe for failure. In answering leadership questioning of policies and practices. This is an opportunity to show what their ability is to be resilient in the face of failure and to constantly work towards improvement. 8.

9. What role does leadership play for a manager? How have you demonstrated this with your managers? 10. The leader's role is to communicate the strategic vision to management with clarity...to translate the vision into concrete direction and plans; to identify and communicate priorities, short term objectives, timelines, performance measures, clear accountabilities and performance agreements to management; and to provide quality judgment and advice.

11. Tell us...
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