Week One

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Norma Castro


June 3, 2013
Holly Nagatoshi


Leadership in the work place is one of the most important characteristics one can have and bring to the organization. The right leadership can change the dynamic of the work place, it can help the employees stay focused, motivated, and help them grow as an individual and within the company. Not only can the right leadership help the employees within the organization it will also help the organization build a positive customer outlook and moral. In this paper I will be discussing a previous coworker whom I believe had a successful leadership style. I will explain why I believed her leadership style was successful and compare how my leadership style can be changed. Children of the Night

Children of the Night is a non-profit organization that provides a short-term or long-term shelter for teenagers between the ages of 12-18 that have been forced in to prostitution. The organization provides shelter, in-house schooling, case management, and counseling. It helps these children/teenagers transition back in to society. While working at Children of the night i was the appointment case manager and worked under two case workers that took care of the client’s needs. Although this organization was a great place to work for at times it would get hectic and overwhelming trying to take care of everyone’s needs and wants. In this type of environment the staff needed to be very careful when addressing certain issues or arguments between the clients because it would escalate fairly quickly. One of the case workers that were fairly was good at taking leadership and would help delegate what staffed need to do before it would escalate. Case Worker

Syreeta Green was one of the case workers there and was an excellent leader. She had the ability to talk the staff and clients without making feel like they were being talked down to. Everyone there respected what...
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