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Topics: Sociology, Critical thinking, Max Weber Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Due date: June 10 – June 13, 2013
Q. Deviant social behaviour is best explained by changes in the society’s value system and not failures of the primary agents of socialization. Evaluate this statement. Due Date: July 2 – July 5, 2013

Q. Globalization has rendered irrelevant the Caribbean social theories of creolization and plantation society. Evaluate this statement.

Assignment 1 to be uploaded June 21 – 24, 2013 (20%)
Five (5) marks will be deducted from assignments posted within the 3 days late window June 22 to June 24, 2013. No assignment uploaded after this date (3:30 pm EC Time) will be marked Kindly upload a file in response to the following question:

Q. Weber believed that sociology should be a science of social action concerned with the way people behave towards one another. Compare and contrast Weber’s view of social action with that of the functionalist perspective. Explain which of the two perspectives provides a better understanding of the behaviours of gangs in our Caribbean society?   

Assignment one (1) will be graded as follows:
Definition of concepts -------------------------- 2 marks
Discussion of main concepts ------------------  5 marks
Theoretical discussion of relevant theories
And their links to the question ----------------  5 marks
Relevance to Caribbean society --------------- 3 marks
Evidence of critical thinking skills -----------  3 marks
Style/Grammar ---------------------------------- 2 marks
Assignment two (2) to be uploaded July 11 – 15, 2013 (20%) Five (5) marks will be deducted from assigments posted within the 3 days late window from July 16 to July 18, 2013. No assignment uploaded after this date (3:30 pm EC Time) will be marked.  

Kindly upload a response to  one of the following questions:  
Q 1      Historically, Caribbean family forms are products of the socio-economic conditions of the region. Discuss this statement using relevant Caribbean theorists.  
Q 2      Davis and Moore...
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