Cover Assignment KPTM

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Labrador Retriever, The Deadline Pages: 1 (180 words) Published: December 5, 2014

Assignment Cover– be sure to keep a copy of all work submitted

To be completed by student – PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

ID Number(s)

Lab group / Tutorial group / Tutor (if applicable)

Course and Course Code

Submission Date:

Assignment No. / Title

Extension & Late submission:
Allowed / Disallowed

Assignment type:

% of Assignment Mark

Returning Date:

1. 10% of the original mark will be deducted for every one week period after the submission date 2. No work will be accepted after two weeks of the deadline
3. If you were unable to submit the coursework on time due to extenuating circumstances you may be eligible for an extension 4. Extension will not exceed one week

Declaration: I/we the undersigned confirm that I/we have read and agree to abide by these regulations on plagiarism and cheating. I/we confirm that this piece of work is my/our own. I/we consent to appropriate storage of our work for checking to ensure that there is no plagiarism/ academic cheating.

Signature(s): -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Full Name ( ) ( )

This section may be used for feedback or other information
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