Social Order in Caribbean

Topics: Sociology, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Question: Which in your opinion provides a better explanation of social order within the Caribbean? Despite the fact that majority of the Caribbean use the Macro theory in one way or the other to institute social order there are still some countries where the micro theory approach is more effective.As stated earlier, micro theory focuses on the individual rather than the society while Macro theory looks at the society as a whole, while social order on the other hand assumes a certain degree of order and stability is essential for survival of social systems (Haralambos and Holborn). However, whilst the macro theory approach may work in Trinidad, Barbados and St. Kitts it may not work in Jamaica, Anguilla and Antigua.The last part of the question asked which of the approaches provides the better explanation of social order within the Caribbean. When looking at the Micro theory approach we came to a consensus this is better linked to Jamaica. The basic assumptions of the functionalist theory can be used to show that the Caribbean as a Social Structure has similarities to an organism and thus functions in a similar manner. Emile Durkheim believed that the structures and social institutions of a social system impacted on our behaviour. He argued that as individuals, we impact the society we live in and that society impacts the individual, thus making the relationship between society and individual a dynamic one. In the Caribbean, there are institutions that are a prerequisite for effective functioning and necessary to ensure society’s survival such as the family (for reproduction), social solidarity and collective conscience. Durkheim also posited the view that for a society to have a continuous existence over time, its specialized institutions are required to work harmoniously with each other and operate as an integrated whole. Spencer’s theory that society will not survive without its specialized social institutions such as the family and the economy can be...
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