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Dear all,
Since I found some of you still confused about the individual assignment, this email tries to solve most of your enquiries. However, please read my previous email before reading this email to know my requirement on this assignment. In your individual assignment, you can only focus on B2C business of Amazon and analyze Amazon B2C business as a whole, but not a particular product of Amazon. Whenever we analyze the Five Porter’s Force Model, we are referring to an industry, but not a company within that industry. Therefore, when you do the “Analysis of online retailing (B2C) industry by Five Porter’s Force Model”, you should analyze the online retailing (B2C) industry, but not Amazon. For example, when you refer to the threat of substitute of online retailing (B2C) industry, you can mention whether the threat of traditional retailing and online C2C business is strong or not. For part 3), the “Analysis of the effectiveness of the activities in value chain of Amazon”, you have to mention all the 9 activities of a value chain(Inbound Logistics; Operations; Outbound Logistics; Marketing and Sales; Service; Firm Infrastructure; Human Resources Management; Technology Development; and Procurement). You can refer to the Amazon annual report or other reference websites to know what Amazon perform currently. No matter you think Amazon can outperform its competitors in that activity or not, you have to mention what Amazon adopts in that activity. For the “Comments on the market value (stock price) of Amazon”, you may compare the stock price of Amazon with NASDAQ index in the past 10 years. For NASDAQ index, you can treat it as an indicator of online retailing industry performance. From the historical value of Amazon and NASDAQ, it is found that the rate of increase in Amazon stock price is significantly higher than the rate of increase in NASDAQ index value. If you find Amazon has a lot of activities outperform its competitors from part 3), you can

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