Entry Strategy for International Premium Brands Looking to Establish in India

Topics: Marketing, Management, Business Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Entry strategy for International Premium Brands looking to establish in India Our services are aimed at facilitating international premium brands in leveraging the India opportunity. Our expertise in understanding the premium segment in India, business practices and rules reduces the entry risk and compresses the time period for profitability. ASSESSING MARKET OPPORTUNITY

We establish the size of the business opportunity offered by the Indian market. Our services include: • Quantitative & qualitative Market research tailored to client needs

• Our expert understanding of the lifestyle expectations of the affluent in India

• Assessment of competitive environment, Industry trends & estimation of likely scenarios

• Examination of government & legislative regulations

• Feasibility study

• We can organize client visits for a first hand feel of the market and arrange meeting with potential partners, industry experts and regulatory bodies FINALIZING APPROPRIATE ENTRY STRATEGY

Luxury Hues in consultation with its client arrives at the appropriate India entry strategy based on all available business information. This strategy document includes evaluation of India entry options: Green field / Fully owned subsidiary / Representative office / Acquisition etc.

• Seeking regulatory and Government approvals for setting up the business incorporation PREPARING THE INDIA BUSINESS PLAN

Developing the launch marketing mix, product, value proposition, pricing, loyalty & relationship strategy, end-to-end customer experience & service processes and channel strategy. Concept & communication development to build a sense of familiarity in the market place and earn affluent customers’ respect. This could involve adaptation of an international positioning to connect with the ‘Indian-ness’ of the affluent customer. Consumer testing of the proposed marketing mix, with the objective of fine-tuning the final launch mix and a more accurate estimation of demand.

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