Introduction to Marketing Business Plan

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Business Plan on
A Musical Cafeteria
“Café Opera”

Business Plan on Musical Cafeteria “Café Opera”

Prepared for
Sarker Rafij Ahmed Ratan
Assistant Professor
School of Business & Economics
United International University (UIU)

Prepared by

1. Mohd Tawher Ashraf Siddiqui Sadat
111 123 214
2. Gunjan Adhikary
111 123 176
3. Fatema-Tuj-Zohora
111 123 176
4. Sadia Binte Mahfuz
111 123 162
5. Fatema Jur Ferdous
111 122 304

Date of Submission: 1st September, 2014

United International University

This project has been an eye-opener for us and we have been fortunate to have the support, assistance and encouragement of a number of individuals while preparing this report. Without their support it would be hard to complete this study. We express our sincere gratitude to our Institutional Supervisor Sarker Rafij Ahmed Ratan, Assistant Professor, School of Business & Economics, United International University, Dhaka for guiding us in completing this study. Our thanks goes to the team members whose unflagging capacity for creative work and long hours made the project successful – under the pressure of deadlines, and many other obstacles. And thanks to those who have helped us to prepare our survey with various advises and information. We would like to thank the honorable authors of the book “Principles of Marketing”- A South Asian Perspective, written by Philip Kotler & Gray Armstrong, P.Y. Agnihotri and Ehsan ul Haque because we have taken a lot of information from his book.

1st September, 2014

Mr. Sarker Rafij Ahmed Ratan
Assistant Professor,
School of Business & Economics,
United International University, Dhaka
Subject: Submission of Introduction to Marketing (MKT 23120 business plan. Dear Sir,
We are pleased to submit the report on “A Business Plan on Cafeteria” which has assigned to us by you as a part of “Principles of Marketing”. We have take at most care to present this report and this report has been excellent outlet for combining theoretical and practical aspect. We have visited some cafeteria shops and tried to observe their business and marketing policies so that we can get a clear idea how to differentiate our shop among all others Since this report is our first endeavor on this topic, despite of our best effort there may be lacking a fault, and we are absolutely ready to accept any suggestion at an aspect of this report. We have a great interest on this report and we will be highly motivated if this report meets your desired expectation. And we are always being ready to reply all enquiries that you may have regarding this report. We thank you again for giving us such assignment and creating an opportunity to enter the corporate world and know about their insides.

Sincerely Yours-
1. Mohammad Tawher Ashraf Siddiqui- 111 123 214
2. Gunjan Adhikary - 111 123 176
3. Fatema-Tuj-Zohora- 111 123 234
4. Sadia Binte Mahfuj - 111 123 162
5. Fatema Jur Ferdous- 111 122 304

Table of Contents

Name of contents
Page no.
1.0. Executive summary
2.0. Business Summary
2.1. Business Objective
2.2. Our Operational Activities
2.3. The market we will serve
2.4. The fast food industry
2.5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
3.0. Market Situation Analysis (SWOT)
4.0. Business Action Plan
4.1. Product Line
4.2. Supply Chain
4.3. Human Resource
4.4. Marketing & Promotion
4.5. Research & Development
4.6. Management
5.0. Financial Forecasting
6.0. Exit Strategy
7.0. Sample Menu
8.0. References

1.0 Executive Summary

Fast foods are very much popular all over the world. It consumes very less time and has more taste. In this busy world, peoples are concentrating and depending more on fast foods. In Bangladesh, young...

References: 1.
5. Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong
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