A Report on Remittance Activities on Rupali Bank Ltd.

Topics: Bank, Cheque, Vice president Pages: 33 (7639 words) Published: January 30, 2012

Prepared For:
MD. Shibli Shahriar

Assistant Professor Faculty of Business and Economics Daffodil International University

Prepared By:
K a z i M d . M o n ir u l I s la m ID : 052-11 -907 Program: BBA

Date of Submission:

Dhanmondi, Dhaka


Letter of submission
Date: July 26. 2007 MD. Shibli Shahriar Assistant Professor Intern Supervisor, Dept. of Business & Economic Daffodil International University.

Subject: Prayer for acceptance of internship report.

Dear Sir, Here is the report titled “A Study on Remittance Section; Rupali Bank” that you advised me to prepare as partial requirement of the course of BBA. I have exerted my best effort in preparing this report.

So, I request you to accept the report and give me a proper suggestion to work in the battle field of life.

Sincerely yours,

Kazi Md. Monirul Islam ID # 052-11-907 Batch # 11th Program # B.B.A Major in Marketing Daffodil International University



The work I have presented does not breach any existing copyright and no portion of this report is copied from any work done earlier for a degree or otherwise.

I further undertake to indemnify the department against any loss or damage arising from breach of the foregoing obligations.

I do hereby solemnly declare that the work presented in this Internship Report has been carried out by me and has not been previously submitted to any other University/ College/Organization for academic qualification/certificate/diploma or degree.

…………………………… Kazi Md. Monirul Islam ID: 052-11-907 BBA Program Department of Business & Economics Daffodil International University


Supervisor’s Certificate

This is to certify that the Internship Report on “A Study on Remittance Activities of Rupali Bank Ltd, Mirpur Br, Dhaka” in the bonafide record at the report is done by Kazi Md. Monirul Islam; ID: 052-11-907, as a partial fulfillment of the requirement Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree .

The report has been prepared under my guidance and is a record of the bonafide work Carried out successfully.


…………………………… Signature of the Supervisor Md. Shibli Shahriar Internship Supervisor BBA Program Daffodil International University



To perform internship program successfully and report writing on it is not an easy task. It mainly requires help and co-operation from the respective persons. At the time of internship, I felt such and obtained cordially. So, at the time of writing this report I recalled those kind-hearted persons with best regards.

First of all, I am expressing my sincere gratefulness to Almighty Allah for enabling me to prepare this Report.

I would like to give my heartiest gratitude to our Pro. VC sir for issuing a forwarding letter to Uttara Bank Limited, by which I had started my internship.

Then I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor Md. Shibli Shahriar, for his cordial help, advice and proper guideline that inspired me to perform my duty properly. Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Kazi Md. Neamot Ullah, General Manager of Rupali Bank Ltd, for helping me to get various financial data. Then I want to give my thanks to Mr. Prosanto Babu, Liza Apa, and other different officials of, Mirpur branch, for their co-operation. I express my gratefulness to all my colleagues for their cordial help and friendly character.

Finally, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to my parents and other family members. Without their co-operation I would not able to complete my BBA program.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction of the Report 1.1 Background of the Study 1.2 Origin of the Report 1.3 Limitations of the Study

Page No.
1-3 2 2 3

Chapter 2: The Bank at a Glance 2.1 History of the Bank 2.2 Mission of the Bank 2.3 Information of Branches 2.3.1 Number of Branches 2.3.2 Number of Zones & Corporate Br 2.4 General...

References: I. Annual Report, 2006, Rupali Bank II. Handout – Performance evaluation & Discussion meeting for Regional & Corporate Branches – 2008. III. Banking Laws & Practices – by P.N.Varshney. IV. www.rupali-bank.com.
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