English Proficiency

Topics: English language, Philippines, Communication Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: April 12, 2011
English nowadays is considered as the universal language; for which it is understood by almost all countries around the world. It is used by most people as their second language. First, it is a way of communication in business, negotiations & especially in academics. It plays an important role in the basic education, particularly to speaking and writing (Kumar, 2009). English proficiency must be treated as an additional skill. In reality, a country needs to build familiarity, friendship and collaborate with other countries as well. It is the government’s obligation to give good quality of education to be able to work and communicate in a wider and competitive world (Alave, 2006).

English proficiency pertains to the ability to speak, read and write in English. To be considered as truly proficient, you should have an advanced skill in this. We know that English is the universal language, to communicate to those people in other countries; you have to speak in English so they will understand what you are saying.

We all know that lately, our country, Philippines is known for being English proficient of its citizen. But, this advantage is being eroded by other rising competitions with declining mastery of some college graduates. Just recently, a language test was taken by IDP Education Pty. Ltd. Philippines which showed that our country is no longer the top English-speaking country in Asia. This may be so because some students nowadays do not even try to enhance their English skill.

Philippines has lately been failing to fulfil its duties, particularly to provide good quality of education on English. According to Salazar (2007), this can clearly be seen in the decline of the English proficiency rate at the March 2006 SWS survey where only two out of three Filipino adults said that they understood and could read English in the March 2006 compared to the September 2000 survey. Also, youth is now affected by this low proficiency. Based on Esplanada’s (2007)...
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