The Effects of Watching Tagalized English Movies in the Philippines

Topics: Filipino language, Philippines, Second language Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Tagalization is the process of converting foreign language into Filipino language or it is the translating of text into Filipino. Under the 1987 Constitution XIV Section 6, the Filipino national language was settled and the Education department adopted a bilingual program to promote the use of Tagalog, the other official language. The government was swayed by studies indicating that children tended to learn better in their native languages The trend for Tagalization or as some would call it Filipinization has increased in the recent years. Among those in the media which have changed languages through the years are the movies. And because of this, the level of English proficiency decreased. Incapability to speak English fluently and efficiently is one of the realities faced by many young Filipinos today. There are many reasons to explain the decline in English proficiency but the proliferation of television shows such as tagalizing English movies is one of the attributors. With this, how could we expect the young generation to speak and write English fluently?

This research entitled “The Effects of Tagalizing English on the English Proficiency of the First Year College Students of Pasig Catholic College” was conducted to know the effects of tagalizing English movies of the first year college students of Pasig Catholic College. It aims to answer the following questions

1. What is the profile of the first year college students of Pasig Catholic College in terms of: 1.1 Gender
1.2 Program1.3 Age
2. What is the academic level of performance of those students who watch tagalized English movies? 3. What are the effects of watching tagalized English movies?

The researcher chose the first year college students of Pasig Catholic College to be her respondents. In this regard, the researcher used descriptive method to determine the different effects of tagalizing English movies of the abovementioned first year...
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