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Life’s Success and Failures Interview
Dr. Rodrigo “Babes” Rodrigo

By: Jemavel Tenorio Naoe (#26)
Sophia Anne Villar Saquilayan (#38)
1- G Medical Technology

Personal Profile:

Name: Rodrigo S. Rodrigo
Age: 63
Date of Birth: June 4, 1951
Adress: Quezon, City
Nationality: Filipino
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Physician (Specialization Clinical Pathology)
Educational Background: Medical Technology (UST)
Medicine Proper (UST)
Masters in Hospital Administration (ADMU)
Transfusion Medicine (Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, France) Leadership Skills: Assistant Medical Director (Rizal Medical Center)
Chief Section of Clinical Chemistry (UST Hospital)
Medical Director (Kaiser Medical Center)

1. What are your greatest accomplishments in life so far?
- For me, my greatest accomplishments would not be with my career, but rather with my family. I brought into this world five children, four daughters and a son. My eldest daugther is a doctor in Australia. My second daughter is an Engineer in the US. My third daughter is a nurse in London. My only son is a Medical Technologist in Singapore. And because after 17 years my wife gave birth again, I have a 13 year-old daughter who is in Grade 7. I think I consider my children as my greatest accomplishments in life.

2. After all your achievements, do you still have goals that you haven't accomplished? If yes, what are these goals? - At the ripe old age of 63, I think I’ve had it all. I’ve done enough. I think I’ve already reached the pinnacle of my career. And you could say that I’m on a downhill trend, so I’m looking forward to retirement. And Hopefully, I could play golf every day of the week.

3. How do you see yourself in 5 years?
- Like I said, I’m 63 and in 5 years I’d be 68. Not full retirement, but half retirement perhaps. Full retirement in government, but I would wish to still practice my profession because I think by doing so, I can still contribute to the community.

4. What are your failures in life?
- Humility aside, I would like to think that I have had only few failures in life. In my younger years, I felt inadequate and even very much introverted, but through my parent’s instegation, I did my part in striving to succeed and I think I did well enough academically to prepare myself for my profession and career.

5. How did you deal with these failures?
- You know in life, you have to take what’s given to you with the proverbial way of so. Right now, I’m an avid golfer, but one bad hole shouldn’t ruin your game. You look to the next hole and forget about the last hole that was a bummer, the same thing in life. One failure shouldn’t ruin the rest of your life. Take it as a lesson learned, and you’d be better off for it.

6. If you could redo anything in your life, what would it be and why? - To be honest with you, I never wanted to be a doctor. And I think I devoted too much of my life in the pursuit of that career. If I could undo it, and this is being honest about it, I would’ve taken Fine Arts and I would’ve been happy being an artist. And out of my five children, Thank God, My youngest shows terrific skills in the arts and I think she will be the one to fulfill my dreams.

7. What advice can you give to college students who are pursuing to take your career? -Exactly what I answered in the previous question. Do what you think will be fit for you. So that when you practice your profession, you will enjoy it to the hilt. Do something that will be contributory to society, and choose a profession that is God-like, if not to be a Healer like Jesus Christ. As a doctor, you take resemblance of that role of being a healer.


How do you plan to live your life? Living your life is a choice. Each day passes by without noticing the time we’ve spent. Looking back and reflecting on...
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