English Composition 1 Wa2

Topics: Milk, Cheese, Cattle Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: September 14, 2013
My hometown is one of the best places around the globe. My classmate is planning to visit my hometown, should visit some of the places which are rare for others to see and are not widely famous because world does not know much about those places. I have been seeing these places since I was a little kid and liked a lot. I am hoping that my classmate will always cherish the time spent in my hometown. Visit “Thomas” lake, which is located in between three small mountains. This lake has amazing view during the time of sunrise. Early morning birds fly from mountain towards lake and their nests are located on south part of the lake. Sunrise light which comes straight on lake and noise of birds sounds like music in ears. We all the people call it as “Peace Point” of our hometown. Martin Milk dairy is symbol of our Hometown. It is one of the best places to visit. Once you enter into Martin Milk Dairy, you will see almost 1000 cows and buffalos. The milk plant makes Martin Milk’s containers, different types of cheese, cream and other products. All the units of the plant are open to public all the time. Saturday morning “horse walk” is must see. Every Saturday morning, people of my town ride horses and go for town shopping, church and meeting all the friends. During this time, town seems like old century town and it has different environment then 21st century. Visitors can also ride horses and join the people. “Old fort” view is outstanding in evening, which is located on top of the mountain. This fort was built in 1820 and it provides entire hometown view and amazing sunset view. This old fort is symbol of old architecture and design which you barely get to see in modern concrete jungles. Visit to these above places will really make my hometown visit for my classmate something to remember forever and visit my hometown again.
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