English 1010 Essay

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 4 (1480 words) Published: April 4, 2013
When I first read question five and decided that this is the topic I wanted to write about for this particular essay, it made me think about all the different movies I have seen where the main character tragically dies but remains in the in between because they have a certain task they must complete before they can truly be gone and go to heaven. I’ve always found these kinds of movies interesting so I decided I would write my own story. Here it goes!

“What happened to me last night” thought Katy. “Where am I? Hello? Can anyone help me I’m a little stuck here?” With a few good hard pushes Katy had risen from the dead and found herself sitting up in her casket. “Wow I must have had one crazy night if I managed to end myself buried in the ground.” Katy was a 21 year old woman who lived life to the fullest as some people may say. She played all day and parted all night. She seemed to have the perfect carefree life, her parents were loaded and life was worry free. She did whatever she wanted to do whenever she wanted to it; at least that was Katy’s outlook on life. However, little did she know her life was about to get more twisted than she could ever imagine.

“Well hello there young lady. How are you this fine morning?” said the cutest old man casually sitting on a park bench. Katy looked around puzzled. “Umm hi” she replied. “Well that’s the worst greeting I think I’ve ever gotten if I did say so myself” said the little old man. “What’s going on?” said Katy and what am I doing in the ground?” “Well my dear, you are in the in-between.” “In-between? What on earth is the in-between” replied Katy in a confused tone. “Well you see,” said the old man “You where in a terrible car accident a couple of days ago and you passed away. However you did not live your life to your full potential so you are here in the in-between to impact your loved ones lives in a way that makes them want to become better people, then when you have changed for the better you will be...
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