English 4 (Monsters) Assignment 02

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3-2-1 Assessment Sheet

What are three key things you learned about the Dark Ages in this lesson? Please be sure to include at least two complete sentences for each one. * The Celts ruled England Up until 55 B.C.; they spoke Celtic, and practiced paganism as their main form or religion. * England, and many other countries were war ridden and changed occupancy many times during this period. * The Vikings were a savage people who lived off of mongrel rules, and thrived on war/bloodshed, they were also from a similar background as the Anglo- Saxons.

Explain two things that you would still like to know about the development of Old English. Please be sure to include at least one complete sentence for each one. * I would still like to know why there was a difference between the written and spoken. * Also I would like to know why, or better yet how the language evolved into the different dialects of English that it is today rather than staying the original form.

In one paragraph, describe how the language of English evolved during the Dark Ages. What were the influences that changed it over the years? Which ethnic backgrounds were involved in this evolution? Please write at least four sentences for this response.

During the Dark Ages, the area of Britannia was invaded and conquered many times, by many different cultures. You had the German speaking Vikings, the Celtic speaking Celts, and the Latin speaking romans. All of them influenced on the English language, and in different ways allowed it to change. The influences came from war, stories, migration, and many other things. When you get all of those different people together you make a melting pot for language, which they will all try to make a common tongue to communicate to each other with. Thus leading to the evolution of the English language.
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