Topics: Farce, Comedy, Joe Orton Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: April 14, 2013
It has been said in Joe Ortons Loot, the character of Inspector Truscott is presented as far too disturbing a character to fit comfortably within a comic world. What is your view of the character and comic role of Truscott?

The play 'Loot' was written by Joe Orton, an English playwright. The first draft was completed in 1964 and premiered in early 1965 in Cambridge. According to Aristotle, ancient comedy originated with the komos, which was a ritualistic drunken procession performed by revelers in ancient Greece. A group of festive males would sing and dance around the image of a large phallus. The linking of the origins of comedy to a phallic ritual is suitable, since for most of its history comedy has involved high levels of human sexuality; which Loot contains, for example Hal and dennis being homosexuals.

The play is introduced with a very unusual setting which portrayed as a farcical comedy which involves entertaining the audience by means of improbable and absurd situations and the layout suggests a fast-paced plot which is soon to follow. The stage directions give the immediate sense of absurdity and immorality before all the actors are even on the stage. 'A coffin stands on trestles' completely contrasts with the normal room in which it resides and also raises many questions to the audience due to the anomalous object. A coffin resembles death and multiple negative emotions such as sadness and loss which contributes to the @strange@ atmosphere in which the audience may interpret to be humourous as it is, afterall, a black comedy. The 'electric fan' gives the audience the feeling of the room being stuffy due to the corpse being in the room which emphasises the bizzare situation and makes the play more vibrant. In the beginning of the play, the wardrobe is involved quite often in a short space of time as Fay struggles to open it 'She picks up the slippers and takes them to the wardrobe. She tries to open the wardrobe. It is locked.' Despite being...
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