Topics: Captivity narrative, Mary Rowlandson, Plymouth Colony Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: November 25, 2013

In Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative the Indians were pagans and she was a puritan. Sometimes the Indians were very rude to her and other times they were nicer. In William Bradford’s Of A Plymouth Plantation Bradford just came over to the new land and found the Indians and figured they were savage barbarians. Mary Rowlandsons Captivity Narrative contradicts William Bradford’s in his Of Plymouth Plantation. This is shown by Bradford only thinks they are barbarians and Rowlandson has grey area in her time spend with the Indians. In the Fifteenth Remove Mary Rowland says “sometimes one of them would give me a pipe, another a little tobacco, another a little salt: which I would change for little victuals” page 17. Sometimes the Indians were nicer to Rowlandson then she thought they were. They pushed her around a lot and made her do stuff she didn’t really care to do such as not eat for a day to two at a time. She was forced away from her family and friends to go live with these “creatures” as she called them. Rowlandson did make a good friend that she got to house with overnight a couple times and got to talk to about her family. Some of the Indians would intentionally make her life more miserable by telling her he husband had died or her kids weren’t living anymore. In the story Of A Plymouth Plantation Bradford says “that the barbarians showed them no small kindness in refreshing them.”Page 83.This is saying that even if the white people were trying to approach the Indians they weren’t going to talk to them of allow them to come on their ground. He also says in Of A Plymouth Plantation “they concluded it was a company of wolves or such like wild beasts.” Page 85. In conclusion Rolandson had some grey areas on what she thought of the Indians. Bradford was kind of grey in some areas as well but he leaned more toward the fact that they were barbarians. Native Americans aren’t as bad as they are portrayed to be they can...
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