Eng 221 Week 4

Topics: App Store, Pages, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: June 25, 2013
ENG 221
Critique on Online User Manual
June 25, 2013

Critique on Online User Manual
Apple Ipad IOS 6 is an inevitable new niche in today’s technological arena. This Apple Ipad manual critique will analyze five criteria areas: attractiveness, development, organization, concise, and efficiency of the document. The manual is under the url address of http://safemanuals.com/014159.php?ID=4680069&k=e106a86fabd5fac1d4fe0969efc57e28&q=APPLE%20IPAD. Attractiveness

Positive: The user manual for Apple iPad IOS 6 is well present. Apple is notable for its creativity and simplicity of manual. In page 1, iPad at a glance includes illustration of the device and contains operation instructions for the product. In page 10, there is a warning alert for the safety of the consumer. These illustrations as pointed earlier ensures the user have received the accurate documentation for the iPad. Negative: There are so many quality attributes in iPad manual, but there is a slight challenge with the illustration. The attractiveness aspect of the manual that would have made it better is to have it in high definition color because certain pictures will stand out more than the rest of the illustration. Development

Positive: Apple is innovative in developing a step by step instruction to educate users how to use the device. In reviewing page 48, “Using the Messages app and the built-in iMessage service, you can send unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections to other iOS and OS X Mountain Lion users.” (iPad User Guide For IOS 6 Software, 2013) This page shows simple steps to follow.   Negative: Although Apple provides various features and diverse level of warranties to purchase, there is a negative impact to consumers. Apple should include a manufacturing warranty. This will offer a piece of mind for consumers. Organization

Positive: The organization of Apple manual is impeccable. It provides a well written and concise...
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