Cis 207 Week 3

Topics: Cocktail, Alcoholic beverage, Mixed drink Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Mobile application paper
Edward Hansen
August 1, 2012
Gregory Peterson

Mobile application paper
The Mobile phone application Mixologist is an application that can be used for aspiring or veteran bartenders to either learn a new drink or find how a drink is made if they are unfamiliar with the drink. Digital Outcrop, the company that made the application, has made it easier for all types of bartenders to make alcoholic drinks. Digital Outcrop has assembled a large database of mixed drinks, how to make them, and a way to randomly choose a drink in a slot machine type interface. Mixologist is a database of more than 7,900 different drink recipes and 1,300 more ingredients that can be browsed or searched to concoct a new or favored cocktail. Mixology divides different drinks into categories such as Martinis, Cocktails, Shooters, and even Non-alcoholic drinks to make it easier to find a drink that is desired. The Liquor Cabinet is an extension of the application that allows a person to input the different alcohols and mixer types to find drinks that a person can make with the ingredients that is available to that person. This application even has a random tab to allow the user to have a drink randomly chosen for the user, which lets the user find random recipes based on mixer, liquor, and glassware. Another function of this application is to allow the user to find the nearest liquor store to them by using GPS or Google Maps to make it easier for the user to find said liquor store (Digital Outcrop, 2012). There is a large variety of mixed drink that can be created regardless if it has alcohol or not. This mobile application makes it easier for bartenders to make a drink for a customer if it is unfamiliar to the bartender. It also permits the common person to pick a drink if they are willing to be more adventurous and forsake the drinks they are familiar with. In the past if a new drink is asked for the bartender would have to ask how it is made and by...

References: Digital Outcrop. (2012). Mixologist. Retrieved from
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